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02-12-2007, 03:16 PM
Hi ! I am new here, so please be kind and don't flame me. I was a fan of KOTOR since it got released and when I finally got an internet connection and learned that KOTOR & TSL could be modded, I said like "w00t ! That place is for me.
So, here I am. Please don't flame me, I know I sound noobish but can you please point out the more important (as in immersive, proffesionally done, good, and if possible... big :D ) mods ?

You see, I normally don't post things like this but unfortuanently, pcgamemods shut down before I could look at it for an hour or so. If that site was still active, I could search for mods on my own. But now, I'm pretty confused. With pcgamemods down, most of the links are broken and Lucasfiles and KOTOR files seem to have very few interesting mods... *sob*.

Can you help a poor newbie out ?

Thanks !


EDIT: By the way, I heard that Holowan Plug-ins 2 is a great mod-compilation, but I also heard that the author hasn't been active for quite some time, so the mods compiled there can be a little out of date. Am I right ?

02-12-2007, 03:41 PM
The author of Holowan Plug-in 2 is still active but he lost complete interest in updating the compilation of for KotOR.

The mods that are in it are out of date and I can tell you for a fact that even the author of the compilation doesn't even use it anymore himself.

There are however still many great mods that are included in HL plug-in 2 and they all work as long as you also get the patch (which is listed in the mods thread in the TUCE forum). you should be aware though that some of the mods in the copilation conflict with each other so you will need to read the readme.

As for finding mods the first place you can look is our TUCE forum http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=645

Also as always google is your friend. ;)

02-12-2007, 04:08 PM
Thanks for helping me ! I really appreciate it, you know. I googled for some mods before coming here, even DL-ed them, but I always felt there were just small things in the front of this large community. That's why I came here :D !
Thank you. I was unaware of the patch for HL2 (lol the shortcut name is funny sounds like Half Life 2 :) ) so now I can get it ! It's sad to hear that the work for the plug-in has been discontinued... it would have spared a lot of newbies the time to search for mods and combine them :(.
Anyway, thanks for the help ! Also, do you know when/if pcgamemods will be up again ? Has it been down in the past?