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02-13-2007, 10:17 PM
For those the prefer to download their patches.


To install the patches.

NWN 2 Patching

How to trick the "Updater" program into realizing you have the Patch

You need 6-7Gb of freespace

The answer is simple.
Temporarily-disconnect your PC from the Internet.
For example, if you have a Modem, unplug the modem-jack from the telephone.
(Now the stupid-idiot "Updater" program CAN'T make a beeline straight for the internet, and start downloading ANOTHER Patch).

Next, put your downloaded Patch in
C: \Program Files \ Atari \Neverwinter Nights 2 folder.
(Since this Neverwinter folder has tons of folders in it, scroll to bottom where there's room, put your Patch there).
IMPORTANT : Do not---repeat--- do not "unzip" the Patch.

Your done here so close everything, go back to Windows desktop, hit NWN2 icon. and launch "Update" program.
The "Updater" begins grinding away....
Then a second later, it flashes frantic message---"Cant find internet connection !!"....
Then a second later, it says "Patch found ...now installing patch" ... etc.
When its all done, it flashes "Success!!".
Your game is now patched.

To make the patching go smoother and the game run better. Defrag your HHD before and after patching the game.

As of right right now 2-13-2007 the best patch is the 103840 patch.