View Full Version : Major crash problem

02-19-2007, 03:28 AM
Hello all. I came here to discuss a very bad crashing problem that I've been having with BF2 on PC. It does not crash to desktop,... it shuts my system down completely. Regardless of if I play for 10 minutes or an hour, it will literally just go poof. It also doesnt matter if it's during a heavy graphics moment (like a ton of simultaneous explosions), or just sitting idle far from any battle. When this happens, I cant power it back up for about five minutes, which leads me to believe that it's a heat issue with the video card.

I'll start with my system specs.. P4 2.8 gHz with 800 mHz front side bus, 1 GB of PC-3500 DDR (2 x 512's), and a Geforce 6200 w/ 256MB, made by EVGA. I'm running a ViewSonic 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor, with a 1440x900 resolution. At first I thought the resolution was the problem, but I recently started running the game at 1024x768 in windowed mode, and it still happened. It does not matter what map it is on, nor what character class I'm playing.

What is even worse about this, is that the game itself supports 1440x900 resolution, as the option to run the game with that reso is right in the video options screen. I do not have the graphics in the game high at all, and have even lowered the LOD down from 50 to 45. I hope this issue is addressed in any future patches for the game, as I've seen other people complain about similar problems in game chat.

If anyone has any feedback on this, please help. It would be highly appreciated.