View Full Version : [WIP] Alien Voiceover Overhaul (Nutters WIP)

02-23-2007, 11:37 PM
Well I'm back to kotor modding after disapearing for a bit. Heres what I'm working on.

AVO (Alien Voiceovers Overhaul)

I got the idea for this Mod when I was playing TSL. The once scene when lopak slusk realizes
that Mira let the exile in his base. He udders that classic line "Mira..." The thing is, the
voiceover lasts a good 10 seconds for a one word sentance. It was about time somebody does

There will be two versions of this Mod. The AVODK and The AVO.

AVODK is essential for modders to make the mods seem more realistic. It will come with
the variety of new Voiceovers I made. It may be released a bit later than the AVO. All of
the original VOiceovers will still be available, and the mod will be self contained (No need
for "consumers" to have to download a seperate file to play your mod, you can distribute them with your mod.)

The AVO is essentally the Main mod. It will be more of a Fix than an Overhaul. Major
charecters will get new voiceovers, and, by suggestion, I'll fix more charecters. On release
the whole game might not get entirly new voiceovers, but it will be better than before.

Kotor Comes Alive

Anybody whos played Morrowind, or atleast looked at its mod database, will reconize
the similar name.

I always hated the commoners in Kotor. They usally jsut stood, walked in a random direction
made a random animation, Rinse, and repeat. I plan on adding more charectes to the game.
(may be a drop in Framerate, but I'll work it out. ( Will be AVO compatible.)

Still in the planing stage, I'll get more info when I'm working on it more.

Any suggestions for me?