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Hangout Hermit
02-25-2007, 03:43 PM
ReadMe file:
TSL Ebon Hawk Armband.


Hangout Hermit




In KotOR I was very pleased how on certan maps, I could warp back to the Ebon Hawk.
However on TSL I was very dissapointed that they left out this feture. I have made a simple
armband, which will allow you warp simple to 003ebo, which is the Normal Ebon Hawk.
Once you have it you will have to equip it. It should appear in the armband section. You can
simply activate it and it will warp you.

I have also added another function so that if you are already in ANY of Ebon Hawk modules,
Peragus, The restoration zones of Telos and Malachor, you can't warp there again. This will
stop all you cheaters. :)

The list of files is as follows:

Script files:

hhEboWarp.nss -* This is as a recource only. It will not be used in the actual mod.*

Uti files:


.2da files:



1. Double click the installer. You will need to specify where to install your mod. This
should be in the SWKotOR2 directory. The default path is:

C:/ Program Files/ Lucasarts / SWKotOR2

2. Using the "giveitem" cheat command.This method will add the armour and items to the
player character's inventory.To enable cheats, in your game directory edit swkotor.ini and
under [Game Options] add EnableCheats=1. Start the game then when playing press ' to
bring down the console prompt, which is not visible. At the console prompt, type "giveitem
hh_ebo_warp" to add the item to the inventory.

These can then be equiped by the player and NPCs with the appropriate requirements from the inventory screen.


Simply remove all the files from the Override directory.

Modding Information:

This will warp you hwever it will not modify any booleans. Use at your own risk

Known Issues:

If you encounter issues, please report them to the email address specified
above. I will do what we can to correct them.

Legal Stuf:

This mod is not supported in any way by Lucasarts or Bioware. This mod is by me alone.

You may edit or modify these files for your own personal use.

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please
contact Hangout Hemrit for permission at the email addresses at the beginning of this file. If
I grant permission, please give me credit and include this readme file with your mod.

DOWNLOAD (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/TSL_Ebon_Hawk_Armband;76116)

SCREENIE (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/screenshots/File/76116/1)

This is my first TSL MOD. I do have some more that I will release, but all in good time... :twogun: