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02-27-2007, 11:27 PM
As my first mod fully completed for release, I present to you the Balance of the Spirit lightsaber.
download (http://www.geocities.com/charmanderagumon8802/BotS.zip)

This lightsaber has special effects on power crystals, similar to the HotG and the MotF. As I saw it the HotG was meant for Guardians and the MotF was meant for Consulars. So I made one that takes a bit from each side as the Sentinel equivalent to the HotG and the MotF. I tried to keep it as similar in power levels to the HotG and the MotF as possible, but I might have gone stronger or weaker on some crystals. Without power crystals it's just a recolored Lightsaber/Double-Bladed Lightsaber/Short Lightsaber

The blade is as close to TSL's Viridian lightsaber as I could estimate without being able to directly compare the two, and the hilt uses the game's standard hilt models and textures.

Upgrade effects:Bondar Crystal: On Hit: Fear 25% for 2 rounds, DC 14
Damind Crystal: +3 Energy Damage, Regenerate FP 2
Eralam: +3 Attack, +3 Energy Damage
Firkrann Crystal: +3 Attack, +3-18 Ion Damage vs. Droid
Jenraux Crystal: +2 Energy Damage, +4 Blaster Bolt Deflection, +2 Dexterity
Krayt Dragon Pearl: +1-10 Fire Damage, +3 Blaster Bolt Deflection
Luxum Crystal: +3 Attack, +2-12 Ion Damage vs. Droid
Nextor Crystal: +1 Attack, +1 Energy Damage, +1 Defense, Keen
Opila Crystal: +2 Attack, +3 Energy Damage, +2-12 Massive Criticals
Phond Crystal: +1-10 Slashing Damage
Rubat Crystal: +2 Energy Damage, Regenerate FP 2
Sapith Crystal: +3 Attack, +4 Energy Damage
Sigil Crystal: +2 Attack, +1-8 Energy Damage
Solari Crystal: +4 Attack, +4 Blaster Bolt Deflection, +2-12 Light Side Damage vs. Dark Side*
Upari Crystal: +3 Attack, +2-9 Energy Damage, +4 Blaster Bolt Deflection
Rough-cut Upari Amulet: +3 Attack, +2 Slashing Damage, +1-4 Ion Damage vs. Droid**

* It isn't restricted to Light Side in the BotS Lightsabers
** I don't know if you can get a Rough-cut Upari Amulet through normal playing, I always end up using KSE to get it.

It uses upcrystals.2da and model/skin 10, so I doubt its compatible with many other lightsaber mods, but I plan on making it compatible once I'm comfortable enough with this stuff to change it's model variation number. Or if no other current mods use variation 10(not likely), I'll make a compatible version of the upcrystals.2da as soon as I have a list of lightsaber mods and the files they use(or an upcrystals.2da that is already compatible with all of the other ones)

Oh, and if somebody happens to think up a better item description for the crystal I'm all ears. I just kind of re-fitted the HotG crystal's description.

02-28-2007, 01:02 PM
Sounds good :). Will try it out asap

03-05-2007, 08:31 PM
Oooh this sounds neat, I would love to use it as I tend to go Sentinel in my play throughs, but I do have a few saber mods, and a compatible mod would be the best!