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02-28-2007, 10:35 PM
If this sounds noobish, it should, I've only been workin with K-Tool for about a week...I'm in the middle of ..well, really an expansion for TSL, I've almost got all the custom areas set up, and linked using triggers. I decided to go back and link the area transitions with doors/invis placeables..and I can get neither to work...most often, I'm getting *object reference not set to instance* errors, and have to wipe the mod and load a back up. I'm editing the doors/placeables from inside K-Tools. everything seems fine until I try to build the module, OR, it works, until i reload the mod on K-Tools again..then I get the error...can anyone toss me a hint on how to set up the area trans with a door/useable placeable, and maybe, what exactly that error is trying to tell me *besides the obvious* I've checked names/tags/references and its driving me buggy. I've got alot of work into this so far and I'd really like to do away with triggers with no warning...If i have to use the triggers, how can I get the name to show up in game, that hasn't worked either.


The mod in the works is an expansion on the current ending for TSL, with alot more content and quests.....if I can just get the dog gone thing linked the way I want it P

03-01-2007, 12:52 AM
Moving to the KotOR Tool forum...

03-01-2007, 10:14 AM
Didn't really think about puttin it here, cause non of the editors do this task,
*that I can find* K-Tool is just what I've been using.

And the solution, is to NOT use K-Tool for creating Area Transition triggers, or
Area Transition Doors. You guys prolly already know about this so I won't go into details to bore ya, but K-Tool doesn't create all the proper fields in the .GIT for a NEW A.T. trigger. So, using K-GFF *specifically* its easy to manually add those fields and edit their values. After ya edit it in K-GFF, K-Tool likes it , it opens it up like it was always there...AND, you can then edit it in K-Tool as well...wierd.

Anywho Thanks for the Move Redhawke.

Oh and for anyone interested,
the following Fields are NOT created in the .GIT file when creating a 'NEW'
area transition trigger or door in K-Tool.:

LinkedTo (CEXOSTRING) - is it linked to a waypoint? if so that goes here

LinkedToFlags (BYTE) -values, 1 if linked to door, 2 if linked to waypoint
if linked to nothing value is 0

LinkedToModule (RESREF) -name of .MOD file or .RIM

Tag (CEXOSTRING)- I advise same as the triggers .UTT filename (without the .UTT)

TransitionDestin (CEXOLOCSTRING) - numerical value for a string of text OR
and I do the following, Set the StringRef to -1, right click on field name, choose New String, leave it named what it is, set value to ..."what you want it to say" and that should do it.

BTW this is all done BEFORE editing the trigger/door in K-Tool, otherwise, I haven't gotten it to work at all. If anyone wants to know the details about it ill post it, but its kinda drawn out, and I haven't seen much activity here on this type of editing, more so on items etc,.

Anyway, tickled pink atm, got all my areas linked using triggers, with floating Text warning ! I like to know its coming.


03-01-2007, 09:28 PM
Ok, I figured out the probs with this. On to scripting, wish me luck P