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Dak Vesser
03-06-2007, 06:44 PM
I’d like to offer my thoughts on what’s going with this “PC vs. Console” war:
I posted a similer thread in a Bioware forum and thought I should get it out of my system here as well and see what you guys think.

It seems to me that at this time, Microsoft well, I should actually say the “PC side of Microsoft” is going through a critical transitional faze not just with the XP to Vista, but also with DirectX 9 to 10 and Shader 3.0 to 4. Allot of hardware & software companies haven’t even had time to update their products for Vista & Vista doesn’t seem to wanna support XP based software or at least not yet. Very few Graphic cards support Shader 4.0 and even the ones that are still 3.0 are not cheap. *And* at this time There are *no* DirectX 10 Games out on the market yet, which means you’re not gonna be able to play Dx 9 games like “Jedi Academy, Jade Empire, Kotor,” and so on, In a DirectX 10 environment unless Microsoft makes an update to Fix/allow it.

And now the new generation game consoles are out in full force finally allowing game companies the freedom and pleasure to create some really awesome hardcore games with more complex AI structures, new physics from engines like Euphoria and others alike, higher graphics & shader resolution, and even more room for better story plots and side quests, and by that I mean more dynamic. But the question is: will they start making games like this for the PC? Yes! Will they make PC versions of games out now for the Next generation Consoles? If they have time, yes. Would there be a market in let’s say “Mass Effect” for PC? No question about it! And I’m sure that the PC gamers are gonna nag Bioware until it’s realized “yeah there’s high demand for a PC build” But I digress.

I’ve read in allot of topics in forums where people are freaking out about “why this new game isn’t out for the PC?” & “It’s not fair! I don’t wanna have to buy the Xbox360 just to play this game!” Well I say this: Don’t worry about it. One of the many reasons why you’re only seeing new games out for PS3, Xbox360, Wii and Not PC is because, (straight up) The PC is not ready for these kind of games just yet and believe me DirectX 9 is not gonna cut it! Game Companies are not neglecting the PC - they’re just waiting for this “Transitional Faze” to complete it’s self where now hardware can handle it at an affordable price and all or most software/hardware companies have updated their products and made patches for older games to play in Vista and so on. And eventually PCs are gonna go beyond Game consoles in a few years. Don’t we know that already?

And even if Games like the new Star Wars - force unleashed, and Mass effect are never gonna go PC, That’s fine by me because I’m absolutely sure that Barware, and Lucasarts are gonna come out with some *serious* Spacey RPG games that’ll have all the traits of Mass Effect and "BEYOND" just for the PC and might even blow Mass Effect right out the water. And who knows by that time I’ll bet that Euphoria’s gonna be improved with it’s dynamic physics. So if you’re a PC gamer, and you’re starting to see new console only games, don’t worry about it. It’s just temporary. Consoles always jump a head of the PC at first, but the PC will catch up and eventually take the lead once the Mainstream market is Vista ready. Just like it took a little time to get XP ready back in the day.

My thougts complete.

03-10-2007, 08:11 AM
I'll stack my rig against a mickey mouse console any day, and I dont even have a DX10 gfx card yet. My fave games that are multi-platformers look supremely better on my pc than the 360 I have oft played them on at friends places.

I think you are stating the obvious Dak.

Of course it all comes down to $$$ - considering a high end graphics card alone currently costs twice as much as a wii/360. Then with the cost of an OS, mainboard, CPU etc... a decent gaming rig is an expensive venture.

i'd like to see consoles match the SLI benchies at UHD settings..... they get absolutely nowhere near

btw- phase is spelt like this


03-10-2007, 02:31 PM
btw- phase is spelt like this


But anyways, I agree completely. I can not wait until DirectX 10 becomes mainstream and I will finally be ale to upgrade my rig (Because upgrading right now would be fairly pointless).