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03-08-2007, 01:21 AM
My sad story:

EVERYONE complains about the feet going thru the polys of revan's robe cape, so I thought "Well...can't be that hard to fix" I started by locating the problem, if you open the "player animation library" .mdl file (s_male02.mdl) you'll see that the problem is that the bones for Revan's cape simply aren't there =)
The bones for other standard robes (jedi knight/master/padawan) are called "mRobe1_g" "mRobe2_g" "mRobe3_g" while revan's long cape uses 5 "cape1_g" "cape2_g" ... "cape5_g" what I did was simply add the bones to the s_male02.mdl hierarchie and I was planning to start making the cape anim for all the 16.000 frames (believe it...)

But I tested first, added the cape and added cape animations for the "running" animations (most noticiable ploy "break") after that, exported with NWmax and use MDLops to recompile, obviously it didn't work, but the REAL problem is that after a few tries I simply exported the models with Kotor_tool, converted them to ascii with mdlops and TRIED to convert it back, MDLOPS SIMPLY DOESN'T CONVERT IT BACK! I did not touch the animations (didn't load on NWmax...) I converted and converted back from ascii to binary as soon as MDLops finished the binary to ascii conversion

ANY clues? =(
That really got me depressed =/
It's simply "impossible" ?
Aren't there other tools like MDlops (the tools are used to neverwinternights as well, is there any other tool from that game that might help me?)
I was hoping that it could some how be some random problem or at least someone else could've managed to convert/convert back (even not editing anything)

Edit: Heh...sorry...I can convert/convert back...tho! when I added animations exported to ascii and converted back to binary the mdl goes from ~10mb to ~200kb and it holds just the static model in s_male02.mdl, so in the end my guess is: MDlops simply doesn't export animations to binary, am I right? you can import from binary then export to ascii but it "prevents" you to put animations back in game by not allowing to export binary animations to MDL files...right? that's sad...in the end if I'm correct (as I'm guessing I left room for no error in this 5hours of testing) after exporting/converting in all ways possible mdlops was not made to export animations back in game =(
Still waiting for someone to give me a light tho...

Edit2: A new hope, as some of you know Kotor is based on the NeverWinter Nights engine, and never winter nights has MDL EXPORTING TOOL that exports ANIMATIONS! called "nwnmdlcomp" which is nearly impossible to find and doesn't run without NeverWinter Nights, I got the tool and I'll get my hands on a neverwinter nights copy and if I managed to make all that work, I'll post full tutorials of how-to make your own custom animations for Kotor2 using gmax/3dstudios

03-08-2007, 11:54 PM
Which version of Mdlops are you using first off? Second off If you will do some forum searching you will find many discussions about the difficulties with animations and getting them to work. Even Chuck Chagrin who made Mdlops has only had limited success. The reason Neverwinternights has all of the various support for there model format is that the game is openely modable and is supported by the developers where as SW Knights is not officially supported for modding. Also there is alot of differences between the model formats between Neverwinternights and SW Knights. Also as another note all of the modders for neverwinternights who are adept at making tools for that game have seemed to avoid this community all together.