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03-17-2007, 01:54 PM
well still an idea,but im gonna need some help because my KOTOR 2 wont start up(##%#%###.argh)

Dragonfire 6 project is to add some fresh blood to K2.This will be a containment of The Red/Black Sith Overlord kit,Dragonfire 6 Robes and Dragon Crystal,these are the items you acuire on the way to save Dragonfire 6.DF6 is an outpost of survivors from the Civil and the Outer Rim Sith wars.This all takes place on Dantooine and telos,plus meeting of the sith Master Overlord.

Outer Rim Sith wars took place 3 yrs before K2.3 Sith sides:Korriban sith Coalition,Outer Rim Bandits and the Overlord Coalition fighted for the power of an mining base.Dragonangel was an Republic Ship that was at the wrong place the wrong time.the crew survived and all escape pods were launched to Dantoine...
rest is still at making