View Full Version : I've got a problem with Modlops replacer [K1]

03-17-2007, 07:34 PM
I was making a private lightsaber mod for K1 and I use J3d1W4rr10R JW_OWK_TPM lightsaber to replace Malak's lightsaber. I first renamed the color of Malak's lightsaber to red and I renamed the model to w_lghtsbr_009 .mdl .mdx for the new model name. After that I took Modlops and I turned the JW_OWK_TPM into ascii and I used the replacer function. I tried my new hilt in Kotor and I had this bug:


[Sorry but I find out that the modlops version I use was the beta 6.0 from some old thread I found 3 months ago, I no longer require help for this case, now this thread is no longer needed, thank you.]