View Full Version : MI5 is it really??

12-08-2000, 09:49 AM
Is there really going to be another monkey island game?? I thought 4 was great but if they continue on for many many more years to come it would be great

BillBrush Sheepgood
12-08-2000, 04:10 PM
As much as I loved the whole Monkey Island Series. I think that 4 lacked the spark that was seen in the first 3. I think that It is a great game that proves that graphics do not make a game as much as the game play and comedy. I think that if they made a new series like (another) Grimfandango it would be better. As we all know GrimFandango was the best game ever written! I did not ever hear a bad review on that other than the controls (BAD LUCAS ARTS)I think that a full feature length cartoon (disney type thing) of Monkey island would rule! any way I dont think there will be an MI5