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Asajj Ventress piloted the frigate toward the incoming ship that looked almost exactly like the Republic Victory Class Star Destroyer but for some reason the whole ship was painted red with a few modifications. She had no idea what this ship was doing out in Taris space, but it did not look good. Because seconds later thousands of ships began to jump out of hyperspace, thus beginning an assault on the planet.

Anger ran through Ventress veins. Taris had been her hide out from the Clone Wars for many years, and now it was under attack. Suddenly she regretted her anger. A tractor beam had caught her ship and was pulling it in. So the ship had Jedi aboard this was unfortunate for them. Ventress gripped her lightsabers as the ship landed. She leapt out of her interstellar sloop igniting her lightsabers. The sabers danced as blaster fire lit up the air around her. Ventress grinned; she hadn’t fought with her lightsabers for a long time. Pain suddenly exploded in her body, as blue lightning hit her.

Ventress opened her eyes staring straight at the face of Anakin Skywalker. His eyes were blood red she noticed as she looked in to them. She could feel the dark side in him.

“Welcome back, Ventress,” Anakin said.

“I wish I wasn’t,” Ventress said with a trace of anger in her voice.

“Tell me why the sudden killing of my troops when you arrived?”

“Thought this was a jedi ship,”

“Not anymore,”

“You are a jedi,” She pointed out.

Anakin shot a burst of lightning at Ventress in anger.

“No I am not!” He said angrily.

“So why are you attacking Taris?” Ventress asked him as she looked around for her lightsabers.

“Because my colleges request it. Anyway since we are now on the same side…”

“Same side, what do you mean?” Ventress asked shocked.

“You are a dark jedi, I am a sith. We both hate the jedi and the republic.”

“Ah, and you have a deal?”

Anakin spread his arms outward. “How bout if we win you can live in any part of the galaxy you want, if we lose you live in the smaller galaxy,”

“Smaller galaxy?”

“The one these guys are from,” Anakin said pointing.

Ventress looked where he pointed and saw some strange looking species.

“And if I refuse?” she asked.

“You die,” Anakin said calmly.

Ventress hesitated. “You have a deal Skywalker.”

“Good. One more thing, don’t call me Skywalker. My name is Darth Vader.”

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