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This is a short fanfic that ties in to my AU Fic Star Wars The Jedi Purge's Failure about well see for your self. PIC BY BOBLION 54

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Quinlan Vos walked out of the council room and into his quarters. Standing in his room was a figure in black robes. Quinlan recognized him immediately.

“Skywalker,” Vos said instantly.

“Master Vos,” Vader said nodding. “I’ve come here for a offer.”

“I’m listening,” Vos responded.

“As you know you have been fighting the Dark Side all of your life. Why not end the fight once and for all, and join it. If you don’t I’ll simply find another apprentice and conquer the galaxy with her.”

“Her?” Vos asked Vader.

“Aayla Secura of course,” Vader told him.

Quinlan considered. “How do you know you will win?”

A vision over took Quinlan. He saw the High Council’s spire on fire with Vader standing in a window of the senate watching the flames. There was a dark blur beside him, probably his apprentice that he yet to have.

“There,” Vader said as the vision ended.

“Fine, I will join you,” Quinlan told him sighing.

“Good, now I want you to do one thing before you can prove yourself as sith.”

“What?” Vos asked.

“Find Padme Amidala, and bring me her and her children,” Vader told him.

“Children, what children?” Vos asked.

“Just do it,” Vader sneered.

“As you wish,” Vos said turning to leave. He exited the room and headed toward the roof. The rows of transport speeders were half gone, but Vos saw the one he wanted. He got in to a XJ-6 airspeeder, the same one Skywalker and Kenobi had used to chase Zam Wesell. He started the engines and zoomed off to the Clone docking bay. All of the clones had been transported back to Kamino for retraining but there pilots and ships were still there.

Vos entered one of the Acclamator II-class assault ships and talked to the pilots. After they drew there blasters.

“Stop,” Vos ordered them. “I’m Emperor Vader’s new apprentice. So if you want him cutting off your heads, then shoot me otherwise I would lower your blasters.”

When they lowered them Vos continued. “Vader wants me to find Padme Amidala and I happen to know she went offworld, to the planet Alderaan. Take me there.”

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