View Full Version : I think I've found MAX in EscapeMI!

12-10-2000, 11:04 AM
When you go into the voodoo lady's house there's a row of voodoo dolls along the back wall, on the one closest the camera (I think), there appears to be the MAX, slumped over face down. You can tell by the shape of the head and ears!

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12-10-2000, 06:47 PM
thats a little iffy.....
but i'll take it!

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12-11-2000, 09:36 PM
Well, I don't know about that, but there is a reference to SamnMax. In the prosthesis shop, if you search through his cards with customers, there's one customer named Sam N. Max.

12-11-2000, 10:56 PM
If you wanna really see max go to miss rivers cl*** and look at the bottom right of your screen. It is a small doll of max.

12-12-2000, 09:10 PM
Yeah like in the voodoo ladies house, he's got his face down.

"I Trust You About As Far As I Can Throw Manhattan!"