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03-26-2007, 11:16 PM

whoo hoo!

Ok here's what the "pearl robes" mod will include.

The pearl robe (duh)
Small side quest
custom dialog (no voice-over yet. sorry)

a pure white, Darkside robe. i know, i know, your thinken "what the F? white evil robes?"
well i have an explenation.
the other day it occoured to me that in most european belief systems the color black is seen as being "evil" and the color white is seen as being "Good"
but in china say, white is actually concidered evil by many.

so this robe will be be pure white, and only for evil PC's.
next thing about this robe is that they are ONLY equipable by females.
yup that's right, a female PC can wear it, as can the Handmaden, Visas, And Mira.

this robe also can be worn by non-force users, if you so choose. IE: the handmaden before you train her, and mira.

there will be a small side quest involved in getting the robe so that it will seem less like cheating, and more like part of the game.
(i know that i like mods better if they are integrated into the game, instead of habing to enter a cheat)

there will also be some custom dialog, when you get the robes, so that should spice it up a bit as well. ^_^

here are a couple of pics
EDIT: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r144/Dark-Lord-Odin/K2_00020.jpg

all the bugs are not worked out yet, (this being the reason it's still a WIP), but it won't be long!

STTC project leader