View Full Version : the how to get any abandonware game guide

12-19-2000, 06:50 AM
ok i devised this method while i was looking for monkey island 1 2 and 3 well start by looking and asking around for any second hand game shop if they dont have it put your name down so if they get it they ring you up. ring game shops and ask if they have it {ovcourse the dont} then say do you know where i could get it? they might know put a wanted ad in the paper every week untill you get it search evrydays paper for people selling or people thats ads say have lots of games ring them up and say what games do you have? search online to get order it dont download it is always either buged or has something wrong with or it wont load very rarly it works downloading ask friends and relatives if they have it or know anyone who has it then either burn it off them or buy it.

do all this and you will most offen get what your looking for if not more i was searching for monkey 1 and 2 using this method i got 1 and 2 a cd burner {cd copyer} and another cd drive for $20 aussie dollars i hope this helps.