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Rabish Bini
03-30-2007, 05:17 AM
This is a song fic for Revan's past before he became a jedi, it borrows some aspects of Anakin's life. It is to Metallica's song The Unforgiven. View the video here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cGvzApDZKI). If you like this song there is a sequal to it known as The Unforgiven II. View it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAINv5HysxQ&mode=related&search=). Enjoy. :)


Revan ran to his master's call.
"Revan!" His master said, "What took you so long? Carry these bricks over to Jacob." He pointed to a large bucket full of bricks. Revan reluctantly picked them up with a heavy grunt. Deralia was a lovely planet, but where Revan lived, it was a barren wasteland, making his jobs all the more harder.
He walked ever so slowly with the bricks over to Jacob. Jacob was a short but powerful man, with a bald head but a long beard.
"Drop these over by the building site, NOW!"

New blood joins this earth
And quickly hes subdued
Through constant pain disgrace
The young boy learns their rules

Revan dropped the bricks in front of the massive structure which was being built. Workers were all around the building putting bricks in and makin sure everything was well done. The team leader walked over to Revan.
"Revan! This is no place for a child, let alone a seven year old. Go back to your master before I break my whip out. GO!"
Revan did as he said.
Revan hated this job, his parents had died 5 years ago from torture of the leader of Deralia, and was adopted by Tumel, his master. Revan was wondering what his life would've been like with his parents.
Tumel was a cruel master, Revan always thought that Tumel controls him somehow, not even letting him think.
"REVAN!" Tumel yelled. Revan sprinted to him.

With time the child draws in
This whipping boy done wrong
Deprived of all his thoughts
The young man struggles on and on hes known
A vow unto his own
That never from this day
His will they'll take away

"Too long Revan!" Tumel yelled, "Go into the house, i'll be there soon."
Revan walked into the little round house. It was extremely dusty inside, mimicking the outside desert. Revan was hot, he felt like a sausage being sizzled in a frying a pan. Again he was wondering about his parents.
"I don't remember much though," Revan thought, "At least they'd be better than Tumel!" His thought were interrupted as Tumel walked into the house.
"Revan!" He yelled, "I am sick and tired of your dawdling, when I call you, I want you back immediately! Understand?!" Tumel reached for his whip. Revan immediately shivered.
"Stay still Revan, or you'll only make it worse."

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never be
Never see
Wont see what might have been

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven

Revan walked out of the house with bruises all over his back. Tumel had decided that Revan should go into town to buy some supplies.
"Ungrateful bastard." Revan thought.

Revan walked into town and headed straight for the tolls shop.
"What can I get ya son?" Asked the store owner.
"I need a hydrospanner and a breath mask." Revan replied.
The store owner went to fetch the things he asked for. He returned a few minutes later with the itmes Revan asked for. Revan handed him the credits and ran back to his master wih the items.

He returned to Tumel where Tumel immediately got angry at Revan.
"You forgot the bomb sensor, we can't create a building with no sensor! People would try to blow it up. Go back and get it." Revan turned around in shame.

They dedicate their lives
To running all of his
He tries to please them all
This bitter man he is

"Did'nt I jus' serve ye?" The store owner asked.
"Yes," Revan replied, "But I also need a bomb sensor." Again the store owner got him the item he asked for. Revan handed over the credits and turned to leave.
"Hold on." The store owner said, "Ye five credits short."
"C'mon, it's only five credits, if I don't bring this my master will kill me." Revan said.
"Alright, but don't take advantage of my generosity." Revan left.

Revan returned to the house, but he was surprised that Tumel was not there. He went to the back of the house where Tumel and Jacob were beating some old person.
"Where's our money Vince!" Yelled Tumel. "You owe us 500 credits ya know."
"But I don't have that kind of money."
Wrong answer," Said Jacob, followed by a hard kick to the gut.
Tumel turned around, "Revan leave now," Revan was frozen with horror. The man was bleeding profusely from his face and body,
"REVAN, LEAVE!" Tumel advanced on Revan with his whip.
"Enough!" Revan yelled. He closed his eyes and released a powerful surge of the Force.
Revan opened his eyes to see that he killed Tumel, Jacob and Vince. Revan ran as fast as he could, he had no idea what just happened.

Throughout his life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win
A tired man they see no longer cares
The old man then prepares
To die regretfully
That old man here is me

He ran past the local cantina where a Jedi who was visiting Deralia felt the power Revan released. He tracked Revan through the Force, he ran out the cantina and stopped Revan.
"What is your name young lad?"
Revan was sacared, "Revan" He said, shaking.
"Revan, I know you are scared, and I know what you did, I want to protect you, would you like to train as a Jedi on Dantooine?" Revan blindly agreed through his fear, they walked to the cantina where the Jedi tipped the barman, and sent a quick message to Dantooine. Revan and the Jedi left. His life was a boutn to take a different route...

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never be
Never see
Wont see what might have been

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven

A beutiful new route...

You labeled me
Ill label you
So I dub thee unforgiven
---------------The End-------------------------
Hope you enjoyed it. :)