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03-30-2007, 09:11 PM
I just wanted to let everyone know my latest mod is finished..

This mod is a compilation of all my previous TSL mods, they have of course been updated with bug fixes, new content, and compatibility patches, etc..

Get It Here..

Or here...

Mods Included

Lightsaber On/Off Switch v1.3
Influence Bug Fix v1.2
Revan Mask v1.1 + Star Forge Robes(Light & Dark Versions)

Optional Stuff

Infinite Force Power v1.0
Party XP Bug Fix(By: Lit Ridl) Compatibility Patch


I will give you few of the specifics of each update, the full details are in the readme files..

Lightsaber On/Off Switch v1.3

This mod allows you turn on/off your lightsaber at will, and it remains on till you turn it off..

1. I fixed a bug that would cause the saber to not turn back on properly, after combat, or flourishing.

2. I fixed a bug that caused the same problem if you transition areas while the sabers are on.

Influence Bug Fix v1.2

This fixes a bug which causes your npc's alignment to jump around when it shouldn't be doing so..

I revamped my whole system for doing this.

1. Npc's who hate you will have the opposite alignment of the PC, same as it is in the games original system.. (ie. PC= 10 Dark side NPC= 90 Light side)

2. I changed range sizes, and made it a little more balanced.. (ie. The range sizes are even now, the dislike range is 40 points long, the neutral range is 20 points long, and the like range is 40 points long..)

Ranges are as follows..

Hate/Dislike= 0 to 39 Influence Points
Neutral= 40 to 61 Influence Points
Love/Like= 62 to 100 Influence Points

3. The neutral range sets npc's to a custom alignments based on their personalities, and past, its not based on your alignment at all..

4. If the npc's like you, their alignments match yours..

Revan Mask v1.1 + Star Forge Robes

This mod adds a wearable Revan mask, and Robes..

1. I added in both of the Star Forge robes from K1, the Darth Revans robe, and the Star Forge robes.

2. I made a new mask to match the light side version of the Star Forge robes..

3. New skin for the Darth Revan robes.

4. New skin for the Star Forge robes, and Star Forge hood.

Infinite Force Power v1.0

I hadn't intended on releasing this, it was for my own personal use, but I figured why not..

Its optional of course, for those of you who don't like cheats mods...

1. It gives the current npc/pc you are controlling infinite force points, by simply refilling the gauge every few seconds...

Party XP Bug Fix

First off, thanks to Lit Ridl for letting me modify this mod to make it compatible with my influence bug fix mod..

The mod makes your Jedi/Sith npcs gain experience even when they are not in your party, npc's do this anyways, until they become Jedi/Sith, then they stop gaining experience, unless they are with you, this mod corrects that.

1. The only change I made to original mod was to merge it with my own script, as both mods used the same file, k_hen_heartbt01.ncs, so its only been made compatible with my mod..

Well thats about it, hope everything works properly, and you enjoy it.