View Full Version : Looking for modders to help with mod request

Ferc Kast
04-03-2007, 08:42 PM
Original request:
Nice portraits. I really like the Bastila out of party. I know it's a picture that you took in the net but it still great.

I'm wondering if you can make Bastila out of party for the model and the mission or if someone can do this...Look at the 2nd picture of Bastila. She's different than the original. I want to play Bastila model with that face.
Mission looks different too. I think she is younger. I would like you or someone else to make the model look like the portrait

I have decided to make these for Quatra, but I can't do this alone. Therefore, I am looking for someone, hopefully skilled with skins, to help me fulfill this request. Please reply if you are interested in working on this.