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04-06-2007, 03:31 PM
Ok here’s an RP based around the latest instalment of the Command and Conquer franchise. I like the games so I thought I'd give it an RP based around the series a go.
The Story

As the Washington blue zone is attacked by the Brotherhood of Nod so is every other blue zone on the Planet Earth. The Global Defence Initiative everywhere fight desperately to defend their homes from the terrorist cult.

In the London blue zone The Brother hood have managed to take ground all the way down the Themes River and have began to build bases. The GDi have managed to stop them getting any further into the City, but with more Nod reinforcements on the way the situation seems Grim.

The General in command of the situation had decided to take a drastic step and attempt to take the city back by taking the cities riverside monuments, the Houses of Parliament and Canary Wharf.
The Game

You can either as either Side. If you Pick GDI you'll be one of the people trying to take back the city by going after one of the two monuments, If you chose Nod You'll be one of the Soldier assigned to protect then or a near by area. Our characters will have free range of weapons and Vehicles.

If you are not familiar with the game we can catch you up with the story and give you detatails.
The Rules
Standard forum and Dantooine rules apply as always.
Stick to the conventions of this C&C universe (i.e no Red alert).
3 PC's per person and they don't have to be on the same side.
7 day Absence Rule is in effect (this does includes me).
Char Sheet

Side- (Nod or GDI only)
Name- (Characters name)
Type- (GDI can be Rifleman, Missileman, Grenadier, Sniper, Zone trooper or commando.)(Nod can be Militant, Militant Racketeer, Black hand, Shadow or Commando)
Weapons- (You don't have to stick strictly to weapons for the type you chose.)
Bio- (History and personality)

My Character(s)

Side- GDI
Name- Calvin 'CJ' Johns
Sex- Male
Age- 33
Appearance- Picture (http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/718/718873/gears-of-war-20060714024928287-000.jpg)
Type- Zone Trooper
Weapons- Heavy duty Railgun, Grenades.
Bio- Born before the second Tiberian war his family were evacuated to one of the blue zones at an early age as the Tiberium expanded into a home. When he was fifteen the second War began and he wanted to sign up and fight but he was too young and got rejected. By the time he was old enough to join the war had ended but nether the less he still joined up. He's spent the years defending the Blue Zone from the terrorists and guellia attacks the Nod had resorted to since Kane’s suspected demise. He was only recently promoted to a zone trooper when the Third war began.

He's confident but not overly so in his own abilities and has had extensive training in all kinds of weapons and vehicles.