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Darth Newfie
04-06-2007, 04:31 PM
Hey, I was thinking about buying the PC version of Battlefront 2 and learning how to mod. So I was wondering, how long does it take to download the BF Builder?

04-06-2007, 08:26 PM
it depends on your internet. If your worried about time, just download it overnight.

Darth Newfie
04-09-2007, 10:34 AM
Well I have ideas for mods now.

I'll start off small, like switching modes like assault onto other maps like Yavin 4 or making a new hunt mode that pits ewoks, jawas and yoda against tusken raiders and imperial scout troopers, possibly calling it Size Matters Not mode.

Then I'll get bigger like editing existing maps to make them have more vehicles or a larger playing area. I really want to do this with Yavin 4.

Then I'll start reskinning soldiers and making my own. I want to completley reskin the empire and the alliance with troops like the Rebel Troopers, rebel Infiltrators and Urban Geurillas along with Imperial sentinels and radtroopers.
Then I'll make a custom map or two such as the asteroid Han Solo landed on in Episode 5 after escaping Hoth.

Finally, what I really want to do is to make mods for Battlefront that are about other video games or movies such as The Lord of the rings. I want to make an Amon Hen (place where Boromir gets killed) map with the two factions being the Fellopwship and Isengard and a Helm's Deep map with Rohan VS Isengard.

I already have the troops and heros decided.

Rohan Royal Guard - Officer
Rohan Soldier - Swordsman (replacing infantryman)
Elven Archer - Archer (replacing sniper)
Rohan Warrior - Sheildbearer (replacing demolition class)
Rider of Rohan - Rider (replacing engineer)
Prince of Rohan - Special
Aragorn - Hero replacing Mace Windu
Haldir - Hero replacing Obi-Wan Kenobi
Legolas - Hero replacing Aayla Secura
Gimli - Hero replacing Yoda
Theoden - Hero replacing Ki-Adi-Mundi

Uruk Lieutenant - Officer
Uruk-Hai Soldier - Swordsman
Uruk-Hai Crossbowman - Archer
Uruk-Hai Spearman - Sheildbearer
Warg Rider - Rider
Uruk-Hai Berserker - Special
Saruman - Hero replacing Count Dooku
Grishnakh - Hero replacing Jango Fett (uruk)
Mauhur - Hero replacing Darth Maul (uruk)
Snaga - Hero replacing Darth Sideous (orc)
Ugluk - Hero replacing General Grievous (uruk)

I got the names off wikipedia while reading for referance.

Other maps I want to make for LOTR include East Emnet Gullies, Mines of Moria, Helm's Deep, Minas Tirith.

Maps for other series include Driver, Medal of Honor, Ace Combat, Call of Duty, Pirates of the carribean.

MOH maps include Omaha Beach, Guadalcanal and The Ardennes Forest of Belgium.
COD maps include Stalingrad, Remagen Village, Piano Lupo and Utah Beach.
Driver maps include Miami, San Francisco, Nice and Istanbul.
POTC maps include Port Royal, Isla Des Meurta, The Carribean Sea, Isla Cruces and possibly Tortuga.
I haven't thought much about Ace Combat but I might make Cruick Fortress from Ace5 and Farbanti City from Ace04.

I'll post more of my ideas after somebody posts here so I can not double post.

04-10-2007, 10:23 PM
Thats about the size of the CP which has taken about a year and is made by people who have been modding for years. I wouldn't expect to do such a project alone, it would just take too long.

Lt Wolf
09-13-2007, 02:24 PM
maybe start out with the troops and then try maps