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01-07-2001, 07:13 PM
Okay, i have a EMI type question.

If HT went straight from the americas cup race to being shipwreckd on MI why does the ships log in SOMI clearly state that they had the intent to sail to monkey island? Also didn't the race and the voyage to MI take place at different times?


Didn't Guybrush take MH, Carla, and Otis back with him to Melee in SOMI? Oh, unless you shoot the Sea Monkey with rocks. But then how did Guybrush get back? I think a better way to have done this would be if you had the choice of what to say to Carla & Otis in EMI (depending what you did in the first game for fans who have played the entire series) like;

1)"But didn't I take you back with me?"
2)"Oh thats right I destroyed the ship"
etc. This way Stemmle and Clark could have also injected a joke in there somewhere.


Sorry for being picky, I just hate plot holes. Someone please explain!!!!!!

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01-07-2001, 07:46 PM
you're right...
i don't think there is an explanation for this. plot holes started appearing when cmi tried to explain the ending of mi2. it was done very badly and all other plot holes root from there (i think).
any easier explanation for mi2 would have been...
big whoop (carnival of the damned) was on monkey island. there should never have been a dinky island, instead the wrong names (inky, dinky, etc.) should have been variations of monkey, and donkey should have been included. still with me?
the explanation for melee appearing under dinky should have gone as follows...
to get to monkey island a voodoo potion must be created, right? (made by guybrush on the sea monkey in mi1) this is shown on the tri-island map on cmi. the wispy clouds represent monkey island being in another realm. the voodoo potion carries the creator of the potion into this realm, right? good. well, they could have just said the elevator passed outwith the boundaries and was carried to melee island. get it?
i know this sounds complicated, and it came from my brain into my keyboard in about 5 mins, so they could have made it clearer, but it wouldn't have left any plot holes for future games...
except the HT Marley one...


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01-12-2001, 10:01 PM
plot holes suck.....

maybe they didn't plan on having an MI3, so that's why MI2 ended like that?

I don't know HOW to explain the ending of MI2.....

oh well, it's all fuN!