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04-13-2007, 06:55 AM
I've finally decided to release four GC maps I had lying on my harddrive for quite some time.
You can download it here (http://rapidshare.com/files/25756806/GC_map_pack_1.rar.html)

Galactic Conquest - Map pack 1 by YertyL

Here we go again! This map pack contains four brand new GC maps:

- 15 BBY (v.1): Battle as Empire, ZC or Rebellion on all the 55 planets the EAW galaxy contains. Includes pirates, tech advance for the ZC (some technologies have to be gained by conquering certain planets) and the Executor (spawned at tech level 5 by the Imperial AI).

- Local Conflict: A small map (7 planets), revolving around Han Solo, Nal Hutta and Boba Fett.

- Bacta Wars: A medium sized map; contains most planets around Thyferra. Heroes include Rogue squadron and Grand Admiral Thrawn

- Project DT: Take the roles of Kyle Katarn or General Ron Mohc to either sabotage the DT project or use it to exterminate any Rebel resistance. No ZC here!


- Put the XML files into the FOC\Data\XML folder (you may need to create it first)

- BACK UP your MasterTextFile_ENGLISH.DAT file in the FOC\text folder and THEN replace it

- Put the files Dialog_15BBY.txt and Dialog_ProjectDT.txt into the folder FOC\Data\Scripts\Story (You will propably need to create it)

Known Bugs:

-Mara Jade's asassin ability doesn't work; Kyle's "Moldy Crow" does not have a description and has little fighting capabilities (both of this because I did not modify the 2 heroes)

-Indigenous Hutts attack other Hutt units on Nal Hutta

-If the Arc Hammer is destroyed using autoresolve in the Project DT scenarion, it won't trigger a defeat/victory. Just don't autoresolve ;-p

NOTE: This map pack is compatible with Commander Loony's - just replace his CAMPAIGNFILES.XML with mine

Special thanks to:
- Commander Loony on whose scenario "Consortium war" I initially based 15 BBY

- Sidious Invader for finally replying to my "Help!" thread and making me figure out the damned intro texts

Have fun!