View Full Version : Looking to get a new laptop late this summer

04-13-2007, 11:34 AM
Hey everybody, I need some advice. I got into the Instructional Technology grad program at Kent State. A lot of the classes I'll be taking have a lot of development based curriculum. I currently have a 3040GZ Gateway notebook. It's been a great machine and fulfilled it's purpose for BA. But now I need more power and performance for stuff like Photoshop and Flash based proggies.

Now, before I ask the question, please do not turn this into a pc vs. mac thread. I need sound advice, pros and cons. I posted on Shacknews earlier and the replies I got said to go with a Macbook Pro. I've only really used Windows machines and Macs frustrate me sometimes. I know I can run Windows based programs on the new Macs. This makes me ask "Well, why should I not just buy a Windows machine for a cheaper price?" But, I know that Macs are probably the better choice for design/development.

If I don't go with a Mac, I'm thinking about going with a tablet notebook. Anyone have any experience with these? Is it possible to use these for designing a la Wacom tablet? Also, what brand and all that jazz.

Appreciate the help guys.

04-13-2007, 11:51 PM
If you really want hardcore photoshop and flash usage as well as great reliability, I would at least check out a mac. Go to a store and test one out for yourself. They really are great machines. I would not, however, simply buy them because they are "hip". If you seriously want performance from "creative" apps (photoshop, music mixing, video editing, anything macromedia) give them a look.