View Full Version : No Zaz-Kei Ell (or what else) after the Battle on Gotos Yacht

04-14-2007, 06:41 AM
Hey folks, I got a question about a probably mistake in KotOR II TSL:

Well I am a bad guy on Gotos Yacht and clear with this level. I have Hanharr in my group. Well, my real problem is not this psychotic animal, but when I come back to Nar Shaddaa after I escaped the Yacht and talked with Hanharr about takinging me to the Jedi, I'm standing alone at the place, where the Jedi Master should await me. I dont know, whats the mistake. Hes simply not there. Bug? How can I fix it? Reloading fixes nothing. I thought, Kreia had killed Zaz-Kai Ell in the tunnels under the JekJek Tarr, but the quest is still activated. What shell I do? (Have only the Jedi Temple and some other mods installed. Like sound mod and such things. Shouldnt make any further trouble) PLZ help, I need it. :firemad:

Edit: Why does noone helped me? Ok, guys, I really need your help, Im for one year in exile in romania and have nothing then counting days to do. PLZ, if anyone knowes how to resolve my problem, tell me.