View Full Version : 2nd Malak dialogue in the final fight wonŽt start!

04-14-2007, 08:26 PM
Well, I decided to go ahead and skip to the star forge (re: my other problem), and made it to the final fight. The fight starts out fine, the problem is, Malak never stops to talk to me and drain his first jedi, no matter how long I beat on him!

Has anyone else experienced this, what could be causing it?
I guess I could also use a "win" cheat at this point...

(Using WOTOR and Jedi armours, but removing those didnŽt help).

Edit: Well, I made Malak dance as a twiŽlek, which, while amusing, was not as satisfying as dealing the death blow.

Oh well. Still, would be nice to hear if this type of this is again a one of a kind...