View Full Version : What gamez are ye playin' at this moment?

Largo LeGrande
12-22-2000, 10:09 AM
I mean in last weeks.
I'm playin' EMI, of course 'n' Elasto Mania
I gonna get Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

B.T.W D'ya have console(s)? I used ta have 8 bit Nintendo.

Y'all know what I'm sayin'?

12-22-2000, 12:13 PM
I'm playing: Tony Hawk 2, Red Alert 2, Delta Force Land Warrior, Monkey Island 1 this week. I have a Sega 16-bit and a Nintendo 64.

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Dec Ryan
12-22-2000, 03:22 PM
I'm playin EMI and The Longest Journey this week.

And I don't have any consoles.

Dec Ryan
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12-22-2000, 04:26 PM
Tony Hawk, Monkey 1,2,3

Elasto Mania rules. http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif

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The Feral Chicken
12-22-2000, 05:38 PM
Deus Ex, WWF Smackdown 2, FIFA 2001.

I have a Sega Master System (still set up!) and a SNES (in the attic, in a box)

I use Bleem! for my Playstationing needs

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12-22-2000, 06:02 PM
I'm currently playing American McGee's Alice. Well, not right this moment, but it's the game that I've been playing when I have time.

And yes, I do have consoles. Let's see, right now I still have a Super Nintendo, Saturn, NeoGeo, Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Dreamcast. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a Playstation 2 soon.

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12-22-2000, 08:39 PM
MI3, MI4
gabriel knight 3
Vampire masquerade

ive had most of the games for over a year and not finished them because i keep getting more.

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12-22-2000, 11:51 PM
at the moment toon struck {i borrowed it} and its alright iv just found monkey 1 2 and 3 and ill be picken them up soon and good old starcraft broodwars

12-23-2000, 07:16 AM
I just went out and buyed Fifa2001(not refreshing http://www.escapemi.com/forums/frown.gif) and The Longest Journey(wow http://www.escapemi.com/forums/biggrin.gif)

"How can any Human hope to match our skills? We are children of the Fyndhorn, and its sap runs in our veins."- Eladamri, Elvish Hunter

Purple Tentacle
12-23-2000, 05:23 PM
playing counter-strike, quake3, soldier of fortune, project igi, deus ex and longest journey this week

12-24-2000, 03:08 PM
WWF No Mercy and The World is not Enough on N64,oh yeah and tommorow Zelda:Mask of Majora as well

12-27-2000, 04:58 AM
Zelda : Ocarina Of Time was/is a good game. I can't say that of Zelda : MM. This game has a good story and gameplay but it's far to difficult. My head still hurts. I expected more of this game. To bad... http://www.escapemi.com/forums/frown.gif

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C Shutt
12-28-2000, 03:22 AM
I'm immersed in Deus Ex.

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12-28-2000, 10:53 AM
Crimson Skies

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12-28-2000, 02:15 PM
From Italy (MILANO) i'm playin'
Quake 3 Arena
International Soccer superstar 2000
Iss pro Evolution ...
Escape from Monkey Island...

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12-29-2000, 12:59 PM
I've been playing EMI, THPS2, CM00/01 and kensai sacred fist.

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12-29-2000, 07:28 PM
Elite Force,CMI and EMI again to make my flsh website

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The Feral Chicken
12-29-2000, 08:15 PM
Since Christmas, Baldur's Gate 2, CM00/01, Metal Gear Solid and will but THPS2 and Project IGI

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12-30-2000, 03:32 PM
is project igi any good? i was considering buying it... i am playing deus ex and monty python's quest for the holy grail on pc and res. evil C:V and MSR on Dreamcast.

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The Feral Chicken
12-30-2000, 06:36 PM
Yeah, it's pretty damn good! Sniping is great in it too!

That's the second chicken I've ever seen! What with me being a pirate and all. I don't see many chickens in my line of work.
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El Pollo Diablo
12-30-2000, 06:38 PM
I am not playing any games at the moment as i'm writing on this forum!! HEHEHE!

Anyway, Stupid Invaders, C&C RED ALERT 2 & THPS2(tony hawk 2)

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01-02-2001, 04:00 PM
This week, i've been mostly playing:
discworld noir
Vagrant story (still)
Fear effect (i've run out of ammo on CD2)
Tomba (i can't find the last few events!)

01-02-2001, 09:39 PM
Lately, the Need 4 Speed series on my PSX - a steering wheel and footpedals gave them a whole new life, yeah! Gran Turismo 2, Colin McRae 2, and Toca 3 I also play a lot.
Other than that, I just finished Leisure Suit Larry 1 Enhanced on my Amiga 1200 again.

My consoles then: Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Gamegear, PSX, PSone, Sega Megadrive, soon to own a PS2 - hopefully

Computers, A1200 x2, Commodore 64, PC, 1/2 Amiga 500 (thought these were kind of relative)

If only we had as much graphic adventure games as Star Wars Games!!

01-02-2001, 11:10 PM
I've been playing FFIX, the PC demo for Colin McRae's Rally 2 and THPS2. I recently just beat CMI for the second time. I think it is better the second time around.

For consoles, I own a Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and a Playstation. I also own a Neo Geo Pocket Color, but I'm not sure if that classifies as a console. It is nice though. Much better than a Game Boy, well until they pulled it off the American market at least.

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01-28-2001, 12:55 PM
I'm playing...

Rayman Revolution

Joe - a finnish puzzle game... great!
Quake II

Lemmings - the BEST puzzle-game ever