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STA Nirvana IND
04-23-2007, 11:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

Recently I downloaded AVol's Character: Bastila Shan (ver. 2.0) mod and it's great so far. I was wondering if it was possible to replace handmaiden with her model. I've been using KSE to replace the NPC models but whenever i try to equip outfits onto handmaiden after changing her model using KSE, it just reverts back to the original handmaiden model. If anyone knows how to do this that'd be great, I'm not asking for a mod just some instructions on how to do this. I looked around the forums but i couldn't find it on their, but i might have missed something. Thanks.

-STA Nirvana IND

Darth Essence
04-24-2007, 06:46 AM
You might change the appearance.2da and switch handmaiden party appearance and bastila appearance .. although ... i don't know what the consequences will be ... but you could try ...

04-24-2007, 07:39 AM
This is happening because the Handmaiden doesn't use a single static appearance type like most other characters in the game does. She has three different appearance types that the game switches automatically between depending on her force alignment and what she is wearing. The three lines in appearance.2da are:
454 = Used when wearing clothing and being Light. The white outfit with the hood. (Full model)
638 = Used when wearing robes or armor. (Head/body separated model)
669 = Used when wearing clothing and being Dark. The black outfit with the hood (Full model)

The problem is that only one of the lines, 638, works like normal models where it swaps the body model depending on what she wears while the head remains the same. For the other two appearance types, 454 and 669, her head is part of the body model.

This means that if you want to replace the Handmaiden with Bastila you'd have to get rid of the white outfit with the hood, since the Handmaiden's head is not replaceable on that, and use normal clothing instead. It will probably work if you set all three lines to be identical (aside from Row Label and Label).

In appearance.2da, copy one of the white female player appearance lines (their Label has values starting with P_FEM_C) and paste over/replace line 454. Change the values in the following columns on this line as:
(Row Label) to 454
label to Party_NPC_Handmaiden
race to P_BastilaBB
normalhead to 1
backuphead to 1
modelb to P_BastilaBB
texb to P_BastilaBB

Then copy/paste this modified line on top of lines 638 and 669 as well (replacing their current data), only changing the values in the (Row Label) and label columns back to 638, Party_NPC_Handmaiden_Head and 669, Party_NPC_Handmaiden_Clothing_Evil_I respectively.

If the Bastila mod you use have renamed/modified bastila models or textures you need to set those names in the model* and tex* columns instead, and if it adds a new head type you need to set it in the normalhead and backuphead columns. The above values are for "standard" Bastila. :)

STA Nirvana IND
04-24-2007, 11:35 AM
I'll try it out, thanks a lot stoffe (and Darth Essence)

-STA Nirvana IND