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04-25-2007, 02:00 PM
SWGalaxies.net hyperspaces in to your sector on May 3 2007

The popular Lucasarts Fan Network (LFN) are pleased to announce today the impending relaunch of one of it's longest serving sites - swgalaxies.net, which started life back in 2002

Following the online adventures from the popular Lucasarts & SOE developed MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, the networks brand new looking site will provide players with all the latest news from around the game together with latest screenshots, stories and player interviews.

'The community plays a very big part in the success of any website, and swgalaxies.net will be no different. We've several reporters out there across the servers looking for events and stories to report on' said DarthMaulUK, admin on the site and the LFN Network.

The old swgalaxies.net did hold alot of out dated information, but fans can now click away thanks to brand new content, including Player guides, Expertise trees and assistance, a close look at the professions and if you do feel the need to take a glance back over the past few years, you can hyperspace over to the History Of Galaxies section.

'When working on a project like this, it's important that the developers and publishers are on board and I have to thank both Lucasarts and SOE for supporting the entire project.' said DarthMaulUK, who continued on 'The new site launches with a brand new exclusive Q&A with the SWG Team AND, we have a fantastic competition with some intergalactic prizes to give away!' he added.

The new look swgalaxies.net launches on May 3rd 2007.

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