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04-25-2007, 04:40 PM
After The Events Of Malachor

Atton walked into the coruscant council chambers. She had told him to stay said it was he and the rest of thems duty to rebuild the order. Teach the next generation of Jedi. He sat in one of the chairs ad sighed waiting for the others. Bao-dur was the first to arrive his robotic in a black gauntlet.

" New look?" Atton said. Bao-Dur smiled and sat next to Atton he had digged out his old military uniform and allthough it brought up the past it reminded him of why he had fought and what he duty now where.

" The others are late," He said as Disciple walked in who let out a laugh he sat in the chair on the otherside of Atton and said.

" Girls..." A smirk on his face. Why had I needed to stay I hope she is safe... He thought to himself as Mira and Visa finnaly walked in both wearing scarlet robes to match Mira's hair and Visas head dress they nodded then sat no one at the north chair everyone stared at it waiting for someone to talk.

" It's her chair she should be sat there," Atton said every nodded in agreement and began to talk of what must happen next.

This Rp is set Five years after the event above there around 100 Jedi now around 40 being at Knight Level.

In this RP you each play as a Force Sensitive I'd like at least four maybe five people to join. The idea is you are as close to netral on either side as possible and will be aproached by either Atton, Bao-Dur, Disciple, Visa, Mira or a personal charecter who is one of the first Force Sensitives to be trained.

Plese use the following form;

Race: No Wookie please

Class Before Jedi:
Jedi Class:
Chosen Form: I, II, III or IV check wookiepedia for more imformation on these forms.


Pysical Description:



Name: Heru Maximui
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Class Before Jedi: Scoundrel
Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian
Chosen Form: IV

Personality: Quick to act in aggression though can show a calm side.

Pysical Description: Heru is most recognisable by his dirty brown hair flowing down to his waist he wears mainly jump suits when training and even at the acadmy wears his robes very little.

History: Abbandoned on the streets of Nar Shaddar Heru got by with cunning trick of thievery and using his strange abbility that he had discovered to steal from and manipulate others.

Found by the Jedi Master Mira he was taken before the new Jedi Council and after seeing him able to escape through use of the force (around four times) they began training him. He uses a aggressive style of lightsaber combat to represent his anger towards the galaxy and is always being told about the dangers of the darkside.

Jason Skywalker
04-25-2007, 05:08 PM
Name: Kaworu "Ray" Ryjasa
Age: 15
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Class Before Jedi: Scout
Jedi Class: Jedi Sentinel
Chosen Form: Form II, Makashi

Personality: Kaworu is a very smart teenager while he can be very friendly, he can also be very arrogant when he believes someone to be either very ignorant or dumb.

Physical Description: Kaworu has light blonde short hair, sapphire blue eyes, his skin is a little pale, and sometimes, people like enemies look at him being innocent, also making him deadly.

History: Kaworu was born to a couple of simple farmers on Dantooine. Dantooine had been bombed very recently and they where having a hard living, but managed to get it alright. Then, he and his parents moved to Telos because of the ongoing raidings and found a simpler life there as his father quickly started getting richer by gambling and betting. He even witnessed the Jedi Exile's stay on Telos when she came and was then found by Visas on Telos and she knew he was Force Sensitive.

04-25-2007, 06:17 PM
Name: Ferco Mejía
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Class before Jedi: Scoundrel
Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian
Chosen Form: Form I: Shii-Cho

Personality: Head Strong, great Lightsaber dueler and strong in the force

Physical Description: Black hair; drown eyes, 6’0 and skinny

History: Was a sith student in Korriban but was redeem to the light side by a Jedi knight that he meted after leaving the academy, He still have problems controlling his emotion but he is mastering it slowly.