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04-27-2007, 08:09 PM
Told ya it's all up to me. The theme is that we all live in a city controled by the greatest names in Comic Book Villany (The Joker, Lex Luthor, Doc Ock, Nega-Chin) and we are the hidden superheros! We try to live in a world where crime is common, and we must overrule the deranged villain government!

-Everyone's gotta be a superhero at first. If the RPG goes pretty deep in the story, a character may betray and become a villian, but only 1 person can, and I pick.
-No god mod
-Relationships r kool fur skuul if the other person's like "okay!"
-more than one person can be played by someone.
-Use the dollmaker for civilian & superhero apperance. http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php

A'ight? Fill out the application!
Civilian Name- Rya Argus
Superhero name- The Amazin' Ave!
Powers- has control of the forces around here. (Can control wind, air, energy, water, stuff like that.)
Skills-Espionage, Sexayness, is a great liar
Weaknesses-Hot Tempered, vengeful, not afraid to take a vendetta.
Civilian Apperance- http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0018&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0377&girlskirt=0314&girltop=0126&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0115&nose=0053&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0153&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0072&glasses=0000&hair=0183&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0018&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0115&nose=0053&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0153&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0072&glasses=0000&hair=0183&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=)

Superhero apperance- http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0022&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0104&girlskirt=0347&girltop=0113&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0027&nose=0053&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0158&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0072&glasses=0000&hair=0543&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0006&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0022&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0027&nose=0053&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0158&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0072&glasses=0000&hair=0543&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0006&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=)


zelda 41
04-27-2007, 08:32 PM

Civ name: Bell White
Super name: ZellyBelly
Powers: can control water and ice
Skills: uses a bow n arrow, not very noticable
Weaknesses: emotional attatchments, slow runner, gets ill and hurt easily
civ- http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0209&girlskirt=0847&girltop=0927&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0051&nose=0043&eyebrows=0057&eyes=0107&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0162&glasses=0000&hair=0542&scarf=0047&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Bell (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0051&nose=0043&eyebrows=0057&eyes=0107&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0162&glasses=0000&hair=0542&scarf=0047&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Bell)

super- http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0021&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0046&girlshoes=0455&girlskirt=0662&girltop=0093&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0051&nose=0043&eyebrows=0057&eyes=0107&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0173&glasses=0000&hair=0885&scarf=0043&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=ZellyB (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0021&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0051&nose=0043&eyebrows=0057&eyes=0107&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0173&glasses=0000&hair=0885&scarf=0043&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=ZellyB)

04-27-2007, 09:13 PM
Civ: Steve Psychochaos3
Civ image: http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=boy&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0271&boyskirt=0564&boytop=0510&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0044&girlskirt=0287&girltop=0658&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0082&nose=0042&eyebrows=0023&eyes=0152&face=0056&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0777&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=boy&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0271&boyskirt=0564&boytop=0510&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0082&nose=0042&eyebrows=0023&eyes=0152&face=0056&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0777&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=)

Super:The Psycho known as DarkRyter.
Super image: http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=boy&background=0254&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0339&boyskirt=0435&boytop=0102&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0044&girlskirt=0287&girltop=0658&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0082&nose=0042&eyebrows=0023&eyes=0108&face=0055&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0060&hair=1214&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0049&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=boy&background=0254&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0339&boyskirt=0435&boytop=0102&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0082&nose=0042&eyebrows=0023&eyes=0108&face=0055&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0060&hair=1214&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0049&namedoll=)

Abilities:The Black and White Blades of War chained to his wrists. Sudde3n bursts of rage where DarkRyter kills anyone who is nearby. Becomes stronger with more killed.

"Tell me where it is and live." said Darkryter holding at bladepoint an injured magneto.

"It's in my pocket. What are you?"

"Why thank you" said Psycho as he took a strange piece of paper out of magneto's robe "Oh, And I'm gonna kill you anyway"

"What!?" said Mag as DarkRyter decapitated the poor villian and reverted back to his civilian form.

"Such a weakling."

zelda 41
04-27-2007, 09:42 PM
Zelly finished her patroling and went to a dark alley to change back into Bell. She saw an old man begging for money, and decided to give $50. She handed it over.

Oldguy: Oh thank you ZELLYBELLY!!!

Zelly froze and heard many approach her. The old man in front of her fell forward and his head fell off. A decoy. Of course.

She knew she was completly surrounded. No water nearby. Didn't wanna waste arrows. She quietly cracked her knukles.

Randomvillon: You're surrounded, ZellyBelly. Watcha' gonna do?

Zelly sighed and steped up to him.
Zelly: this.

She underkicked him and grabbed his leg, throwing him into the crowd. Another tried to grab her, but she dodged it and roundhouse kicked him. For about 2 minutes she kicked and killed and stunned each of them. Some of them ran, others were killed.

After the beating, she hopped off to another alley and changed into Bell. She noticed another hero not far off. She heard a man scream, ans realized it was DarkRyter. She hopped off, not wanting to be his next victom.

04-27-2007, 10:18 PM
Several unnamed men gathered around steve.

Steve quickly changed into his super form and armed himself with his 2 swords.

"That guy killed Magneto. Anyone who beats him will be a legend! Everyone get him!!!" screamed one man as they all charged toward DarkRyter.

5 minutes later.

50 bodies lie on the ground. DarkRyter is resting over them.

"your energy will make me a new weapon" as he drew blood from the dead bodies and concentrated it into a bow, which quickly disappeared.

"Looks like I need more kills. Hmm lets look at todays paper. New supervillian flying on giant bird invades city. Well, well. Aren't I lucky" said DarkRyter as a huge bird flew over DarkRyter.

DarkRyter shot his swords, chains attached, at the top of a building and flung himself high into the air. while in the air he shot one of his blade at the bird. he drew himself onto the bird and saw it's rider.

"Well, hello there." said DarkRyter with an erie tone.

"Ah. What are you doing here. the army's not supposed to come for a week." said the birdman.


"U know, the army of supervillains coming in. You're one of them aren't you?"


"Oh sh*t."

DarkRyter quickly disposed of the birdman and his bird. How? well, let's just say tommorows paper will read "Blood and guts rains from the Sky!".

"An army of them. Delicious." said DarkRyter as he reverted and went home.

zelda 41
04-27-2007, 11:14 PM
Bell was walking and felt something like rain fall on her head. She held her hand out and saw the red drop hit it. She shrieked and looked at it horrified. A gut fell and she shiecked again. She quickly changed into her superhero and flew up to see who was causing it. She landed on top of a building. A skelaton slammed against the ground. She screamed and realized it was just Psycho, gathering blood.

Zelly: Oh, it's you, Psycho. Or Steve, I mean

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 10:30 AM
hey ave, let's move this thread over to the Sasha's RPG Topic

04-28-2007, 01:16 PM
"That's DarkRyter to you." said Psycho in civ form.

"And how does a superhero scream so easily? And that loud as well. You've never seen a supervillian fall out of the sky?"

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 01:28 PM
Zell: Well, you guys know that blood makes me sick((Yep, it does))
She converted back to her civ form and sat on the side of the building.

Bell: So "DarkRyter", how's this side of the city been? I've heard of an army arriving in this part of town soon.

04-28-2007, 04:34 PM
The night was dark, and wet. Footsteps were heard on the pavement after a woman was heard screaming "GET OFF OF ME!". She had to answer the call. Our mysterious savior arrived at the alley and saw a man, holding down a woman. "LET HER GO!" Said the new arrival, walking twoards the man.
The man got up and looked at her. "DON'T MOVE!" He yelled at the blonde woman. Her eyes here wide with fright. "Says who, toots?" He said to the lady walking towards him.
"Says me." She pushed her hand forward and a burst of air knocked him down. She pulled him up and inserted her blood red nails into his throat. After a minute, she pushed him down to the pavement and helped the lady up.
"Oh thank you." said the blonde, as she ran off.
"Nothin that the Amazin Ave couldn't do." She grabbed the ladder of a fire escape and climbed up.

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 04:52 PM
Bell: Well, nice chattin. When you're not feeling bloodthirsty, come to the other side of the city to hang.

She smiled, and converted to Zelly, and hopped from building to building. She stopped at another part of town. There, she came upon Ave to check up on things.

Zell: So how're things here? It seems Dark has things under control, although he could control his killings just a bit. And my part is okay for now.

04-28-2007, 04:56 PM
Ave looked back at Zelda. "You know I don't like being disturbed." She was cleaning off her nails. "Especially after having to deal with someone. Being the anti-hero isn't all fun and games."

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 05:08 PM
Zelly: I know. But i need to alert you of the army of villians rumor. Apperently, an army is on it's way as we speak. Keeep your guard up.

And with that, Zell hopped off, going to her apartment.

04-28-2007, 05:34 PM
"I am Algathor! Fear me citizens of Vileville!" said an evil scientist inside a giant robot spider.

"Noone can stop me now! Muhahahahahaha! Ugh!" said Algathor as he was stabbed through the heart by DarkRyter.

"hehe. Now, tell me more about this army of supervillains. And die without pain." said DarkRyter.

"They're coming here to combine with the villians here and then conquer the other cities one by one and render the heroes extinct. but Thats all i know."

"Bye, bye. And it's still gonna hurt"


"Hehe. That never gets old." said DarkRyter.

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 06:06 PM
Bell got a shower back at her apartment. After words, she walked out onto her moonlit balcheniy and stared at the sky. She figured if the big attack was tomarrow, she was gonna need help. She didn't want to get Dark because of the good chance of his bloodthirst going towards her. She was not in the mood to die. As for Ave, she was more of indopenant.

So, Bell figured she was alone on this. Still, it didn't hurt to ask. Much.

She converted and went to Dark's part of town, seeing him killing a guy.

Dark: Hehe. That never gets old

Another came behind him, whitch he didn't notice. Zell ran, blending in with the surroundings, to the guy. She snuck up behind him and pulled a Solid Snake on em: a slice to the throut. he fell, causing Dark to turn.

Zell: You're welcome. Now I have a little question. I need help with the villians tommarow. Care if I join your part of town?

04-28-2007, 06:37 PM
Ave sat alone at home. She knew about the villian army coming, so she continued to hone her powers. She lit up her lighter and began to play around with the fire, hoping to learn it properly. She had been working for weeks to get the wind to make her fly, and she continued this night. She got off the floor a little bit, but still no flight. Board after practicing, she went off more to explore the city, perhaps getting some spying done.

04-28-2007, 08:51 PM
"Go ahead. Makes no difference to me." said DarkRyter.

"Be prepared. An invasion as big as this one will be difficult, but to me it's just more kills."

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 09:01 PM
Zelly: Don't worry, I'll be fine. I've worked on my archery and hand-to-hand combat. Plus, watch this.

Zelly went over to a water tank and kicked a hole into it. She controled it around in circelsuntil it was sharp as a knife. She tested it on the dead bodies, slicing them in half. She conrtoled the water and carefully put it back into the tank.

Zelly: So, watcha think?

04-28-2007, 09:10 PM
"Eh, it's ok. but it doesn't beat this" said DarkRyter as he used one of his swords to slice the tank in half so quickly, DarkRyter himself, couldn't see it. He only felt it.

The water surged out and washed away the two dead bodies into the sewers.

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 09:14 PM
Zelly: wow, very impresive. So, now what? Do we train or go over our plans to cover more villians?

She froze a spot to sit at and froze a spot for Dark. She kicked it rather hard, causing it to be dry. She did the same to the next.Zelly sat crosslegged and pondered.

04-28-2007, 09:19 PM
"I don't know about you, but I can take an army out very easily. See, Blades of War." said DarkRyter as he reverted and went home.

Det. Bart Lasiter
04-28-2007, 09:33 PM
Civilian Name: James Wilson
Superhero Name: Cancerman
Powers: Cancer
Skills: Telling you you've got 3-6 months left ;_;
Weaknesses: Canes
Civilian Appearance:

Superhero Appearance:


"Hey you've all got chondrosarcoma. I'm sorry, but we didn't catch it early enough and you've all only got about 1-3 hours left to live... If there's anyone I can call or inform before you go, just let me know. Again, I'm so sorry."

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 09:51 PM
Zelly: Hmmmp. How very rude reverting and disappearing like that.

She stayed at her spot, but reverted to Bell. She closed her eyes to meditate when she heard rustling. Quickly, she turned to Zelly and slid to the edge of the building. Below, she saw a mob with torches. At the front was the leader: The Joker((lol)).

Zelly: oh fuk. this is bad.

*sigh* she krcked her knukles.

Zelly: Looks like they're lookin for a beatdown.

She umped into the crowd and stoped.

Joker: Well, well, ZellyBelly. How do. What an HONOR to
Zelly: Let's make this quick.
Joker: If you insist. ATTACK HER!!!!

The crowd plundged at her. In about 3 minutes, they were all gone. Besides the Joker, of course. He ran off, screeching.

Zelly: Well, that was fun.

She reverted to Bell, realizing one was left. He saw her true form.

Villian: Well, so Bell, it's been awhile. I mean, what, 3 years?
Bell: Who are you?
Villian: You don't remeber me? Your ex?

Bell froze and turned pale.

Bell: You're suposed to be dead! Why are you here Derek?!?(( http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=boy&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0339&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0014&girlstockings=0000&girlshoes=0000&girlskirt=0000&girltop=0000&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0047&nose=0047&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0019&face=0015&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0082&hair=1265&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=boy&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0339&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0014&head=0060&mouth=0047&nose=0047&eyebrows=0059&eyes=0019&face=0015&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0082&hair=1265&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0000&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=)))

Derek: Cause I can. You know, I'm not that evil. Join me Bell. Together we'll rule this city and kill all.
Bell: No, I've changed! I'm not like that anymore.
Derek: Really? *sigh* You leave me no choice. I'll be here tommarow, and if you don't change your mind, your precious Dark and Ave will be dead.

He disappeared, leaving Zelly in angry tears. She fell onto her knees and sobbed.

Zelly: DAMMIT! Why did he come back?!?!WHY?!?

The rain pored down and she reverted back, hopping back home.

04-28-2007, 09:57 PM
Two bodies flew accross the empty hallway. Ave strode in casually and came accross a room with the words 'Map Room' on the door. She picked the lock and walked in to find a large map spraweled upon the table entitled "Invasion Plan". She short circuted the security camera and snatched the map up quick.Than, quck as she came in, she was gone, out the door.

zelda 41
04-28-2007, 11:10 PM
At home Zell dried off and went to her bedroom, and locked her folding screen to her room. She did crunches, pushups, and ran on her treadmill. By about 12 am, she meditated to bed. She awoke the next day to her apartment aflame. Zelly screamed, converted to Zelly and flew to the top. VERY dumb. She started to sufficate, and fell to the ground. She didn't have water around and she freaked, thinking she'd die.

04-28-2007, 11:41 PM
Zelda than felt as if she'd been picked up. It was Ave, she was carrying her. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." Ave said, "I'm taking you to my place, everyone else it there. I snuck into the villian's HQ last night and stole the invasion map. We're having a meeting on it. Oh and have this." Ave gave Zelda a bottle of Aquafina.

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 06:24 AM
Zelly: Whoa. T-thanks ave. Who in the hell set my house on fire?

She converted to Bell when they got to ave's, seeing Dark there, looking bored.

04-29-2007, 11:02 AM
"This is $%#@in boring! I want to kill, dammit!" said Psycho.

He reverted into his superform and started to stab the ground to ease himself.

04-29-2007, 11:10 AM
"DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FLOOR COST ME???" Ave smacked Dark across the head. "NO STABBING!" She sat down and took out the map. "Now...this is their invasion plan. They're coming from the north, but there are also small batallions on the east and west, in case they need a flank. They're tying to get to the center villian headquarters that I broke into last night. What we need is a lot more help. I'll break in to the headquarters again and shut the place down. You two and anybody else you can find need to get the army severly wounded. Luckilly for you zelda, the western batallion is out by the river. I'm sure you can take them. Dark, you can take the main army with the help of someone else hopefully. And then when I'm finished I'll take the eastern flank. Anybody you find, put with Dark, cause he's got the biggest problem. Are we ready??"

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 11:14 AM
Bell: Okay, when do we go?
Ave: Like an hour from now. Gather wepons and supplies.

Bell reverted to Zelly and grabbed a bg from Ave. She went out side to get wter to collect for later. Afterwards, she grabbed her quiver and arrows and bow.

Zelly: I'm set

04-29-2007, 11:28 AM
Ave than left. "I'm off for an early start. I'll catch you guys on the battlefield. I'd suggest you guys leave too, we're gonna need all the help we can get." She walked out the door and headed to the supervillian HQ.

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 11:44 AM
Zelly: Good luck, Ave.

Ave left, and was out of sight in about 30 secs. Zelly gathered her things up and put them on. She turned back to Dark.

Zelly: Good luck dude. Don't die.

She was about to leave when she opened the door. Derek stood there, smirking. He had some sort of gun in hand.

Derek: Why, hello Zelly!!!How nice to see you again.
Zelly turned pale and cold, fear running all over her face. She went numb and glared evilly.


She showed rage that Dark never saw or Derek ever saw. She went berser and turned her wter sharper than any knife. She barely tapped his head with it and a deep cut went into his face. He frowned ngerly and pinned her to a wall, drawing out his sword. He stabbed her in the stomache.

She dropped everything and her face showwed pure shock.

04-29-2007, 12:28 PM
DarkRyter drew , for once, both his swords and pointed one at Derek.

Derek somehow teleported right behind Dark, as though he moved at light speed. Dark took off his black glasses and crumbled them to pieces revealing two strange eyes with red pupils and black where the white part would be.

"Flash steps. A rare skill for someone not born in the darkness." said Dark as he stayed still with Derek's sword right by his neck.

"Sharp eyes. Too bad, you would be a great asset. how about joining me, or you could die." said Derek as he readied his blade.

Dark suddenly disappeared.

"What the? Where are you?!" said derek when suddenly a cut 3 inches deep apeared on his shoulder and blood spurted out.

"AAAAHHH! You Bastard!" said Derek. Dark appeared around 6 meters behing him and flung his white sword still chained to his wrist at Derek. derek jumped to avoid the sword matrix style but Dark had shot his black sword right into Derek's stomach.

Dark drew Drek closer, sword still inside his stomach. Derek started to spit out blood.

"WTH are you?"

"I'm the DarkRyter, bitch." said Dark as he pulled out his sword and left Derek on the floor dead, while Zell was dying. Unfortunetly Dark was not a healer and left on his mission while zell lay there dying.

04-29-2007, 02:53 PM
Ave was in the building, climbing down a staircase. She was heading to the basement, so she could cut the powr and set off security lockdown. If there was no way of getting in, than a serious chunk of problem had been taken out. She was nearing the bottem when footsteps were heard above her. She ran to the bottem of the stairs and hid under the stairs. Pushing herself against the wall, she held her breath and hid. "Hello?" Yelled a male voice, "Anybody in here?? Hellooooooo???" She remained silent as the footsteps drew closer. Finally the footsteps stopped right above here, and a knock was heard. "Hmm..." Ave though, "Where is that knocking comin fro--" She didn't have time to finish her thought, because everything went black.

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 06:04 PM
Zell slid to the floor and clutched her stomacth. She looked over to Derek, who wasn't moving at all. Or so it seemed. She went over to him, and noticed his face was ple. She also noticed how he was a doll.

Zelly: You....bastard.

Lucky for her, she used water to heal herself often. She grbbed her bottle in her bag and rubbed it back and forth until the pain was a dull numb. She got up, and washed the bloody water down the sink.

She tested her flight, whitch was horrible now, so she'd heve to stick to hopping nd blending with shadows. She opened Ave's window nd jumped to the other buildings, going to her mission.

04-29-2007, 07:25 PM
DarkRyter knew he had killed only a doll minion, but he had other things to worry about. In the distance , around 10 hours away, he saw an army coming with the eyes of darkness.

"Even cancerman could take out these losers." said DarkRyter as he looked through his binocular.


"Ha! I won again" said Doc Ock in excitement over beating the nega-chin in chess again.

"I should've never challenged an evil genius to chess. It's like you're cheating!" screamed the negachin.

"Ever since I escaped the crimson chin by fleeing to Vileville, I've been bored outa my wits! Think of what will happen when the army of Evil wipes out all superheroes!" said Nega-chin.

"Yes, but at least we'll be finally rid of every one of those lousy heroes."

04-29-2007, 07:31 PM
Ave awoke in a brick room. There was a table, a lamp, and a two way mirror. "Oh boy," She said alloud, "Interrogation." Then, two men in suits and shades walked in and sat opposite her.
"Rya Argus, if that's your real name, we're with the IVA: The International Villiany Association"
"I feel safer already." she said, one of the men reached out and slapped her. "BITCH!" She yelled, trying to punch him. It was then she realized she was tied to the chair by the hands and feet.
"Now, we want you to cooperate. We know you broke in here last night and stole our plans of invasion."
"When is it going to happen? Right now?"
"One week. Your friends are waiting for an army that won't be coming for 168 hours. We've got people on their way to terminate them. But we can stop them."
"Join us, as a villian. We will help you become stronger, and hone your powers. Our leader has already agreed to take you as an apprentice, if you say yes."
"And if I don't?"
"We'll kill you. Not quick and painless though."
"What kind of death are we talking about?"
"You will first succoumb to weeks of mideval style tourture. The rack, shackles, starvation. And if you don't die than, You will be decapitated in front of the entire villian socity. Your head will be placed on a pike and then, your friends will go through the same thing."
"What will happen to my friends if I say yes?"
"They will be spared, for now. Our leader is old and sickly. If you choose to kill him or if he dies, you take his spot as leader of the city, and the IVA. Than, you may do what you want to them."
"...Your offer intrigues me."

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 07:38 PM
nega chin? lol i remeber him

Zelly reached the river easily and saw the army preparing. Their leader was Joker. Of course.

She quietly walked in, not really doing anything. The joker noticed her on que.

Joker: N-no, not agin!!! KILL HER!!!!

Zelly was charged at and she dashed to the river. She began bending the water until it was sharp as a knife. She turned in circles, causing the demise of all of the villians. Next, was Joker. He paniced in fear.

She drew out an arrow and shot it at him. It was deflected. She realized they wern't alone. Out of the shadows came Derek, looking bored. She flinched and dropped her bow. Something bout him really paralized her. What? The fact he almost died? The fact it was her fault? No. She knew not.

04-29-2007, 07:44 PM
"HOLD ON!" Yelled Joker, recieving an order on a walkie talkie, "Turn back."
"WHY?" Yelled Derek.
"New boss said so. Postponing the invasion due to her inductment."
"Her??" Zelda and Derek said in unison.
"Yeah, hero gone bad or somthing." The army started to walk away heading towards HQ.
"I'll be back for you later." Derek pointer at Zelda. She felt her muscles release, but still she was confuzed. She had to go find Psycho.
At the HQ, Ave was being escorted out. She was shone to a large windowed room, draped in red and black. The walled window showed the entire city.
"Welcome to your new home, boss." Said a man, leaving Ave alone in the room

zelda 41
04-29-2007, 07:50 PM

She hopped around town, until she saw him killing off more guys. She jumped over to him, but stopped seeing his eyes looking DEMENTED. She stepped bck, but he went back to normal.
Dark: What?
Zelly: Somethings wrong. The invasion stopped for some reason. Have you heard from ave?

04-30-2007, 03:32 PM
"The bitch betrayed us. You've heard of the new boss?"


"Well, thats her."

Dark saw the remaining villians retreat.

"We're down to 2. and i thought you were dead. That doll minion almost killed you." said Psycho.

Inside a hospital...

"I smell danger. someone needs my help! Cancerman away!" said cancerman as he got on his cancermobile and made a dash to go help our heroes.

zelda 41
04-30-2007, 04:48 PM
Zelly: Like Derek WILL really kill me. He likes me too much.
Dark: Huh?
Zelly: Long story short: he's my ex and he wants me to join him and evil.

She sat crossed and floated. An easy way to meditate.

Zelly: So now what do we do?

04-30-2007, 05:04 PM
Ave was locked in the bathroom of her new home. She gazed into the mirror. "What have I done?" She asked herself, feeling remorse. "I turned evil, just to save my friends." A tear fell as she looked at herself.
"There's no turning back." She thought. "No going back. It's time for a new look."

04-30-2007, 05:36 PM
"We have a goal. Get more heroes, Destroy the army, Destroy Darth, Take back the city, Take back the world." said DarkRyter

"Did someone say disease of uncontrollable multiplication of cells!" said Cancerman who had appeared sitting next to Dark.

"What the? Who are you?" said Zell.

"I'm Cancerman! I felt the urge that I was needed."

"Well, what do you know. We needed some heroes. You want to help save the world." said DarkRyter.

"You got it!"

"So, what can you do?"

"hmm, Well, lets see. Well, heres someone alive" said Cancerman as he picked up somebody Dark hadn't completly killed.

"Hand of Heart Cancer!" screamed CM as he gave the poor guy heart cancer.

"Well, that's useful." said Dark."But we'll need more heroes. Alot more."

zelda 41
04-30-2007, 06:13 PM
Zelly: But Ave's our friend. We can't kill her. Mybe I can get ahold of Halo or Dav.

CancerMan: And I'll go get STD Girl!!!! CANCERMAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Zelly atempted to get ahold of them while Dark stbbed at the ground. She converted durring the trans and fell off of the floatthingie. She fell back and groaned.

Bell: Ow.

05-01-2007, 12:23 AM
Gunshots rang through out the downtown streets.

Halo stared down at the life-less criminal at his feet.

He holstered his gun and continued walking down the alley

05-01-2007, 12:25 AM
Just at that moment, Davinq himself, (or Master Fly D-shizzle, as was his proper and full superhero title), burst from the nearby window with a loud shatter, and with several acrobatic flips, landed catlike on the ground. Navy cape billowing in the wind to the background of a beautiful sunset, his classy entry was complete.

"So... I heard you folks were in need of a hero? What this city really needs are some decent janitors and garbage disposal staff. This place reeks!"

05-01-2007, 12:43 AM
Halo walked into the bank and sood towards the back ina black t-shirt and black pants.

He waited for three minutes until he saw what he was looking for: three suspicious men with suit cases and ski masks in thier hands.

he walked outside to his car retrived a 12 mm shotgun and a glock-9 pistol and walked back into the bank robbery.

05-01-2007, 03:46 PM
"Sure, we could use all the help we can get. We fight an army, with a smaller army." said DarkRyter.

"So, you want us to go fight some supervillians" said The Masked Diabetes.

"Yep. An army of them. don't worry if we can find the rest of team Disease, we can help the other heroes.

"But, you can't fight without your blade of leukemia"

"That's what we're gonna do first."

zelda 41
05-02-2007, 02:41 PM
Zelly starred at the sky. It was 10 AM and it suddenly turned pitch black. She shrieked and fell back.

Dark: Wtf?
Zelly: Omg, what's happening?

Something grabbed Zelly and she screamed. Sudden'y, she stopped and converted. Only this time, looking evil. http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0043&girlshoes=0371&girlskirt=0845&girltop=0484&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0000&nose=0000&eyebrows=0069&eyes=0018&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0127&scarf=0016&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0012&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll= (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0000&nose=0000&eyebrows=0069&eyes=0018&face=0048&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0127&scarf=0016&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0012&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=)
She began to fly up to the sky and toward the enemy base. Zelly looked back at Dark and made a fire ring around him. It surrounded him and she flew off.

zelda 41
05-02-2007, 07:47 PM

05-02-2007, 09:15 PM
(hOMG EVIL! AVE! http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0302&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0032&girlshoes=0000&girlskirt=0102&girltop=0113&girltwopiece=0000&head=0002&mouth=0027&nose=0046&eyebrows=0052&eyes=0155&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0433&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0153&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Evil!Ave (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0302&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0002&mouth=0027&nose=0046&eyebrows=0052&eyes=0155&face=0000&makeup=0000&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0433&scarf=0000&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0153&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Evil!Ave) )

Ave returned to the mirror, and examined herself. She looked different, more powerful. She liked this power, and found a way to use it. "JEFFREY!" She yelled! A henchmen walked into and said "Yes, commander?"
"I've got a mission for you and the army."
"Two things. One, we're postponing the attack on the city. Our troops need more training."
"Two, I want you to find ZellyBelly and DarkRyter, and bring them here. We need to have a war council. Restrict their powers and give them this." She handed the henchman a note she'd written.
"How will I restrict their powers?"
"With these." She tossed him a baggie. He looked inside and saw it was filled with pellets. "Toss them, and they will explode, releasing a gas that restricts advanced mental--stuff. Just throw it at them. Zelly will go down easy, she's already almost died 3 times. Just get your toughest men for Dark. Go find some hunters or super elites."
"Hello??? Halo series??"
"Oh right. I'm off!" He dashed out, leaving Ave to plot

zelda 41
05-03-2007, 07:31 AM
Zelly((evilish)) flew to the base. She was like possed and EVIL. Derek grinned when she came by.

Derek: Why, thank you for coming Bell

Zelly reverted to normal Bell and looked confused. A man came behind her and used a tser on her. She fell over and Derek carried her into the next room.

Derek: One down leader. One to go.

05-03-2007, 08:51 PM
Dark was locked in battle with many powerful elites. All with strange swords of some kind. Dark was fighting the best he could, but even he gets tired. More kept coming and coming.

"I can't die!" screamed Dark as he decapitated one of the Elites as another hit him on shoulder.

"I won't die" yelled Dark as another stabbed him in the leg.

Dark Passed out. Not without taking a few 20 elites down first.

zelda 41
05-03-2007, 09:32 PM
Bell awoke in a big black room, sitting in a chair. She was restrined and she saw Derek pacing around the room.

Bell: Where am I?
Derek: Oh thank god, you woke up. I was so worried Jeffery tasered you too hard.
Bell: Hmp. So you still care. Back off, bitch.
Derek: Whateve. This is from Ave. Read it and weep.

He left the room and winked. She twitched and looked at the note. It said she needed to speak with Ave. Well then.

She was taken to a big throne room, noticing Dark being taen in, knocked out.

Bell: Dark!

She saw Ave in the throne and stood shocked. Derek was standing by her.

Bell broke out of the restrains and ran up to Ave, looking pissed. She stared at her for a sec. Then, she back handed her in the face.

Bell: WTF is with you becomeing evil?!?!?

She was grabbed by two shocked quards, and Derek stared at her wide eyed. He started toward her and spoke to the guards. Then, he took her by the arm and dragged her back. He whispered in her ear.

Derek: Don't toach the leader and you might escape here with your life. AND with your friends.

05-03-2007, 10:33 PM
"Zelda..." Ave said, looking remorseful. "You don't know what they would have done to me, to us. And I never really felt right as a hero. I sided with them because of what they were going to do to you and Dark and all the others. I have news for you, but that will wait until Dark get's here. Here, have a drink and take a seat." She tossed Zelda a Dasani while she waited.

05-03-2007, 11:41 PM
Dav was confused. One minute, he was standing before a bunch of misfit superheroes who were entranced by his beautiful entrance. But the next, the sky was black, and his captive audience was nowhere to be seen!

Shrugging off his cape, he readied himself for a hyperjump, which is like flying, but cooler because you can jump and jump and jump over buildings, across lakes, etc.

With a mighty, superhero-ish leap, Davinq zipped up into the clouds, ready to face whatever evils he may face, in the name of life, love, and licorice.

Upon reaching what appeared to be a rather wicked fortress in the horizon (I'm assuming? Too lazy to read backwards). Upon approach, he was attacked by several Elites. With their weapons drawn, and outnumbering fifteen to one, against any ordinary Artemis, they would have uber-pwned.

But this was not your ordinary mythological descendant. Davinq had not only the ability to jump wherever he wanted, but he could walk on clouds by modifying his Earth-density to be less dense than the compact hydrogen. Hopping from cloud to cloud, he led his pursuers on a merry chase, just to warm up his somewhat rusty combat skills.

05-04-2007, 03:33 PM
Dark had woken up inside a metal room. He immediately started to pound at the walls.

He bacame so frustrated with losing a fight, something woke up inside of him. A strange liquid burst out of him and formed a mask on his face. He started to glow a dark Red and his eyes started to become freaky lookin.

"No, I don't need your help. I will never need your help!" yelled Dark as he tried to rip the mask off.

The mask fully formed and Dark's voice became different. Like two people talking at once. Dark placed his hand on the wallof the room and it suddenly blew open with the force of an army of bazookas.

He started to move his way into the throne room, taking out high class level guards so quickly, noboduy even saw him do anything but walk toward them.

He burst into the room and heard what Darth had said about what the villians would've done.

"Protection is no excuse for betrayil!" screamed Dark.

05-04-2007, 05:25 PM
"Where?" Said one of the 100 guards who had recently burst in.
"Room 101."
"...but..that's for brai--"
"I SAID 101, NOW!" He was detained with a caddle proad and led out. In her frustration, with the sweep of her hand two bookshelves collapsed and the papers flew in a mess of words. Zelda just sat and watch.

05-04-2007, 06:14 PM
Davinq was just warming up, but the Elites chasing him were already tiring, and fast.

Best put them out of their misery Davinq thought, eager to get to this fortress in the sky to confront whatever evils were there... and to save his fellow superheroes.

Clenching his fists, which slowly started glowing a strange white, silver, and cyan glow, which grew bigger, and louder, the sizzles apparent even over the din created by high winds in the sky... and BOOM.

Davinq had just unleashed a sonic shockblast at the nearest Elite, or now, nearest Elite's remains, plummeting down to the city below.

Unleashing blast after blast of sonic energy, Davinq made quick work of the remaining Elites. Moments later, he was alone in the clouds again. Jumping from cloud to cloud, Davinq made his way to the fortress.

[Inside the fortress]
Number 237 was bored. He had been ordered to watch over the kitchen workers, to make sure they didn't escape. Leaning against a window, he risked a brief glance outside. To his utmost shock, he saw a blonde-haired teenager blowing holes in the entry gate!

Bursting out of the kitchen, Number 237 rushed to inform his superiors of the intruder.

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 06:51 PM
Bell was confused. Like, really confused.

Bell: What's going on? Whats room 101?

Ave turned to her.

05-04-2007, 06:53 PM
Halo holstered his twin glocks.

Then looked at the moon.
He was in a dark alley and for the first time he truly felt alone.

05-04-2007, 09:11 PM
^ I doubt it. :P

Number 237 ran into the chamber currently containing Avery and Zelda. Breathless, he stutters a bunch of mumble-jumble.

"lookoutheresakidouthereandithinkhewantsinwhatshoul didomistress?"

"Whoa. Just slow down there kiddo," Avery said. "I got something about there being some punk outside, but rephrase and be specific."

"Well, there's someone outside mistress," Number 237 began, "And he's got some sort of blueish energy blasts coming out of his hands, and he's blowing the gate to cinders. Do you think we should do something about this?"

"Most certainly," Avery replied. "Number 237, I hereby authorize you all means necessary to detain this next in a series of heroes, for purposes that are my own. Clear?"

"MA'AM YES MA'AM!" Number 237 cried, and dashing off, he called into his walkie-talkie. "Regiments, this is 237. I've got a whisky tango foxtrot going on at the front gate. Some teapot trampoline response is requested, immediately.


Davinq had finally blown a hole in the gate that was large enough for him to slip through. Doing so, he crawls through, and is immediately surrounded by no less than 100 enemies, all armed to the teeth and looking quite unfriendly.

"Hehe... hi guys."

Grunts, some snarls. Then one of them shrieked, "FIRE!"

Shooting. Lots of it. Then came the smoke. And the burning sensation in Dav's toe. But that didn't matter. What mattered was that there were now not just people firing at him from all directions, but there were ninjas jumping from the ceiling and attacking him. Oh well. They would provide good cover from the gunshots.

The first ninja swiped his katana at Dav's neck, but he ducked and swung his leg around, sweeping the ninja's feet out from under him, and then grabbing the katana as he fell.

With a deft display of supreme swordsmanship, Davinq cut a bloody swathe through the gunmen, being closely followed by the ninjas, who were now only five, cartwheeling and flipping through the crowd. Two of them made strikes at Dav's feet, but he jumped above them, high above them, and flipped, coming crashing down.

The katana in his hand was glowing a blueish silver...

05-04-2007, 09:12 PM

05-04-2007, 09:28 PM
She didn't look happy. "Brainwashing. We're gonna take him and help him. This may not sound like too much help, but he's not safe. He'll kill anyone when the feeling comes on. When he burst in here, he could have taken you and me. I think it would be best if we sucked him dry of the blood bug and made him less hostile, for everyone's safty. You saw what he looked like when he came in here." Ave turned back to the wall, she clutched her hand over her face in frustration. "You can stay here if you want. I did this to protect you, and I'm not gonna let Derek kill you because he's a jealous ex. Trust me, I know about that."

05-04-2007, 09:48 PM
((You remind me sooooo much of Jacen Solo w/ your character Ave, good work!))

Meanwhile, Davinq was licking his wounds amongst the corpses of his 106 foes, who now lay dead. Yes, they were dead. Yes, the sword smash against the floor, fully charged with sonic energy was fatal...

Getting up, Davinq made his way to the nearest set of stairs - with a sign pointing to it and saying "Chamber where evil leaders tend to congregate" - and promptly sprinted up.

Suddenly, it got very dark. Davinq realized that there must be either no lights at the top, or there was a trapdoor at the top. Hitting his head on something, he decided on the trapdoor option. Clenching his fists, a blue glow iluminated the area.


Avery and Zelda were continuing a rather peaceful conversation about Dark's blood bug, when a blue beam of light shot out from the floor, and Davinq shot out.

"Where's the fire?" he asked casually.

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 09:55 PM
Bell: Derek won't kill me. I know he won't.

She looked at him, starting to help Dark away. He smiled sweetly, and she ducked her head in shame and sadness.

Bell: I wish things were back to the old ways.

A tear fell from her face and sheclosed her eyes.

05-04-2007, 09:57 PM
As Dark was being taken away, the mask started to grow and encase more of his face.

"Let me go." said Dark in a calm voice.

"Sorry, but you gotta get brainwashed." said the guard to his left.

Dark suddenly disappeared in a wisp of smoke.

Somewhere back in the city.

'Thanks alot OCD man." said Dark as the mask retreated and vanished.

"No problem. uhthere's a stain on your clothes, let me wash that out for you" said OCD Man.

"Dude, no touchy."

"Sorry sir."

Later that day.

"So, this is team disease" said Dark around 7 people being lead by Cancerman.

"Ok, here's my plan. We must defend the city from the oncoming army." said Dark.

"But what about Darth?" asked Glaucoma boy.

"She's, right now, of no importance." said Dark as he and the disease crew all got on an RV to go across the country in search of more heroes.


"Woo Hoo! I'm out of that dump!" said a man in a tophat and a ringleader suit.

Behind him lies a destroyed lab.

"Now, time to go find that team of heroes everyone's talking about and give them my talents."

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 10:05 PM
Bell: Uh oh. Where'd he go?
Ave: F***.

Bell: Should I go find him?

05-04-2007, 10:12 PM
"No." She crossed her arms, "He'll be back for me eventually. And he'll fall for my trap."
"Trap?" Zelda asked.
"Too risky to tell you. Go head to your room, I've got business." She walked out and left Zelda alone

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 10:38 PM
Bell was escorted to her room by Derek. When she arrived, she sat on her bed. She tarred at her window and cryed for no reason. She silently paced around until her emotions controled her. She reverted and flew out the window.

05-04-2007, 10:54 PM

Davinq stood there in the shadows, where he remained unnoticed. He viewed Psycho's disappearance, Zelda's departure from the vicinity, amongst other things. Deciding he'd seen enough, he shattered a nearby window with a sonic blast and jumped out, plummeting back towards the city, where he sent a sonic signal directly to Dark, asking him where the fvck he was, so they could rendezvous and plan the defense of the city together... er, with the help of team disease.

05-04-2007, 11:05 PM
Dark replied using the same energy.

"We are gathering more heroes from around the globe. By the time we return the villians will already be there, but we'll have a full-scale invasion of heroes to take back the city. You should come too. We're in Chicago looking for some dude named Captain Blizzard. When we finish this, boston, LA, and NY we'll go to the land of Darkness, which I heard is also called Canada for some strange reason."

Dark had been calming down his urges after the mask vanished. The mask, his inner Chaos, was tired. Dark knew, the mask would return.


05-04-2007, 11:13 PM
Davinq replied with an "En Route," and promtly hyperjumped away to Chicago, to assist in the search for Captain Blizzard.

Which wasn't that hard at all.

It was snowing around this one single casino there. Inside, Davinq met up with Dark and the disease team, who were talking with a man dressed entirely in white. One down...

05-04-2007, 11:22 PM
"So, Will you help us?" said Dark.

"sure, I'll get some of my pals to help you in your noble quest as well. I'll meet you in the land of Darkness!" said Captain blizzard as he icemaned his way into the horizon.

"Ok. Where do we go now?" asked Daving.

"We go to Boston" said Dark as they all got into the RV which transformed into a jet as burst off.

05-04-2007, 11:25 PM
"Alright, so Operation Knightfall is compleatly understood Keen?"
"Yes my lady." Said Commander Keen, a high ranking general "I'll ready the ships."
"Good, good. Make sure you have a lot of power on the cannons, and tell us when your ready to go up. If this city's going down, I'm not going with it. Meanwhile, go get the army, split them in half. The more useless ones, put on the overlooking hill behind that fence with the trees and stuff, and move the artillary up there too, we need a prebombardment with cannons and stuff. We're pulling a more modernized Little Round Top, if you will."
"Good idea." Said her new assistant, Robert. "Any more?"
"Yeah, the other half will go with Commander Keen to ready the ships. I'm gonna keep my good men alive when this city goes down in a few hours."
"Are you sure this is a good idea?"
"Posative, anything in video games has to work in real life." Ave said, "Now, ready my outfit."
"COMMANDER AVERY!!" Yelled Derek running down the hall "Zelda....she's escaped."
"I TOLD YOU NO WINDOWS! now, I'm putting you in sharge of the bregades and artillary on the hill, meet them there while we prepair Operation Knightfall."
"Yes my lady!" He ran off.
"You're killing him too??" Robert asked.
"Nobody said I liked him in the first place."

05-04-2007, 11:38 PM
((Hey guys, which city is about to become under attack anyways?))

Davinq, Dark and co. were speeding at the speed of sound, much to Davinq's delight, in the speedy jet. Sending a sonic echo to the city, however, would be much more difficult at this speed. Instead, he opted to send a sonic signal to Zelda.

"Hey Zell, were are ya girl?" He thought.

Dav waited.

No response. He began to get worried about her. His thoughts were dispelled however when the plane suddenly jerked to a stop and the hatch opened. They were in Boston. Already.

"Say Dark," Dav asked. "Who exactly are we looking for here, anyways?"

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 11:45 PM
Zell got the reading and sent one back to him. She said, 'I'm coming, don't worry'.

In a few moments she was on top of the RV whitch came to a hault. She jerked forward and shrieked. Outside, came Dav and Dark. They didn't see her.

Dav: Who's up there?

Zell jumped down and stood up.
Zell: Ello, I'm here.

05-04-2007, 11:51 PM
"Well it's about bloody time! I was getting worried that Derek might have killed you a
after all."

Davinq squeezes Zelda in a huge bear hug.

05-04-2007, 11:52 PM
"There are three useful heroes in Boston. One's an average guy who can make 100 copies of himself, each with strange abilities. Another's similar to Spiderman. The last one is a healing regenerator." said Dark.

They continued to jet off. Dark took out the piece of paper he got from magneto. He read it and the strange man in a tophat appeared on the jet.

"You called?" said UrieMan.

"well, this is what Netstark labs has been working on for 12 years. Tell, me what can you do, UrieMan?"

UrieMan closed his eyes and opened them. They were pure white after he opened them. He then took a took out a sphere of steel out of his pocket. After holding it in his hands it disintegrated.

"I Remove things. So long I can touch it." said UrieMan.

"Very good. You'll be a huge help." said Da4rk as they continued to jet.

"Oh, and Hi Zelda."

05-04-2007, 11:54 PM
(The city of VILLANY!)
"My lady?" said her walkie talkie.
"Yes General?" She replied
"We're all ready, we've sent the other ten ships into space and are already positioning the fleet."
"Excellent, I'll be at the launchsite in 5 minutes."
"Yes, my lady." Ave grabbed a bag and looked out the window, this beautiful city would soon be in rubble.

zelda 41
05-04-2007, 11:55 PM
Zell: ChOkInG!

They continued to jet off and she sat in one of the flufft chairs. She drifted off to sleep....

05-04-2007, 11:59 PM
Davinq was walking down a dark alley in Boston, when suddenly something, or no, a bunch of somethings, jumped on him, pinning him to the ground.

Looking at their faces, he noticed they were all identical, except for their eyes, which all glowed in different shades of neon.

"Oi!" Davinq cried. "Hands off mates! I'm not here to hurt you! I need your help.

They unpinned him and listened.


When Davinq had finished his tale, the copies of the normal guy had all faded back to one form, with slate gray eyes.

"So are you gonna help us stop this threat or what?" Dav asked.

"Count me in," Ordinary Man said.

05-05-2007, 12:02 AM
Dark was on the search for the Spidey dude. He qsaw a flash of red and blue and dashed toward it.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 12:10 AM
Zell awoke to someone starring at her. He looked a boy about her age.

Zell: Woa, who r u?
Kutsuku: Kutsuku. Who r u, Zell?
Zell: Um, what? You know me?
Kutsuku: Yeh, but it sounded nicer.
Zell: Um, how'd you get in here?
Kutsuku: Oh. I'm here to kidnap you for ave.
Zell: Righttttt. Goodbye.

She got up, but was blocked by a group of elites surrounding her. She kracked her knuckles and attempted to kick one. He didn't notice and grabbed her leg. She shrieked.

Guy: Ur coming NOW.
Zell: DAV!!!! DARK!!!!!! HEL-

She was cut off by being hit at a preassure point and falling over. She fell into a sleep....

05-05-2007, 12:28 AM
Davinq and his new cohort were heading back to where they had landed the jet... only to find it was gone.

"Sh!t." The single vulgar word passed Davinq's words. Suddenly he felt a cry of distress on the sounds waves that are residual in the air anyone has passed through. It was Zelda! She was in trouble!

"Dark! Where the hell are you?! Our ride's gone, and so's Zelda! I think she's in trouble!"

Things were falling apart very, very quickly.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 12:34 AM
Zell awoke to being Bell and hearing voices.

Voices:......now what........she's here.......
Voices:is she ill?........ passed out?...... DEAD?......

She started to sit up, but was shocked on here neck.

Guy: oh yeh, we put a dog shock collor on u. Now act like a dog and SHUT UP.

She fell back and tears srtained her face. Guys, where are you?

05-05-2007, 12:39 AM
Davinq jumped all the way from Boston to Area 51, in the desert of California. Barging through the front gates, he was immediately approached by two men holding carbines.

"Easy boys. Superhero here. I need a ship that can travel the stratosphere. Fast."

The two guards pointed in unison to Hangar 7.

"Thank you."

He sprinted off to the hangar in question, and before him lay a gorgeous black flying machine of extraordinary craftsmanship. Without waiting to see if Normal Guy, Dark, Blizzard or anybody else was following, he hopped in, ran a diagnostic, and blasted off into the skies.

Hold on Zell, I'm coming, Dav thought.

Will his rash actions save Zelly or doom the Earth - and the City of Villiany - to the terrible onslaught of Avery's ships?

05-05-2007, 10:48 AM
"So, you're name's Spideyo." said Dark as he told him everything that was going on.

"Sure, I'll help you. Fighting villians is what I do." said Spideyo.

Dark felt somehting was wrong, and he Spideyo and UrieMan saw Dav getting onto a beautiful ship. They hopped on without him looking and followed him. The ship blasted off.

05-05-2007, 11:06 AM
Zell realized, somthing wasn't right. She was in space. Ave was standing in her doorway. "Now why'd you have to run away?" she said, "But it's fine. I want you to come see Operation Knightfall in full force." She left with Zelda trailing her.

On the bridge of the ship, she stared out a window facing earth. "It's beautiful, isn't it? Well, not for long. GENTLEMAN! ENGAGE OPERATION KNIGHTFALL!" With that, a man on the walkie talkie talked to Derek. Than, the artillary went off on the entire city. "Now I can share my plan with you. What I'm going to do is, first bombard the city till no building is over 3 meters tall. Than, with my fleet in position I will bombard the entire planet wiht lazer turrets and cannons. Than, with the world in an apocoliptic state, I shall return down with my army, and take over. Me in control, and you, Zelda, as my right hand woman." She looked at zelda and smirked deviously.

05-05-2007, 11:41 AM
"I know you are there guys." said Davingas he was piloting the ship.

"Dude, look at that!" said Spideyo

They saw Darth's huge fleet and Everyone, including Ordinaryman's multitude of clones got into the ships turrets and started firing.

Urieman attached his hands to the ships main laser to create the disintegration laser.

They started to blast down everything. The ship they were on, whatever it was, was customed to heroes and there powers.

The fleet was being destroyed and pretty quickly as well.

On Darth's main ship...

"Um, ma'am." said a lowly messenger.

"Yes?" said Darth.

"40% of the fleet has been destroyed."


05-05-2007, 11:45 AM
"DAMN IT!" Ave yelled. "Whi the f*ck do I have to kil to get this guy down. I want everyone in the entire fleet to find Dark, detain him, and kill him. Whoever does this will be rewarded very hansomly!"
"With what?"
"...Zelda's hand in marraige!"

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 12:00 PM
Bell: WHAT???
Ave: You heard me.
Bell: Hell no. Hell fuking no!!

Two men took her to a cabin where she was watched over liike a hawk.
Bell thought, Well, this sucks. She hoped to god something good would happen. And she hoped no one would have to die.

05-05-2007, 12:09 PM
Several small one man ships were running after them, but ordinary man #32 disposed of them.

UrieMan's laser was quickly disposing of any large ship, while ordinary man and Spideyo were taking out the smaller ones. Dark was managing the automatic defense and repair of the ship.

"Wait, a minute, I know this ship. This belongs to..." said Dark as the third boston hero appeared.

"Oh, uh hi sis." said DarkRyter to his sister LightRyter.

"Who let you borrow my ship?" said LightRyter in a serious tone.

"Uh, we gotta save the world from a fleet of supervillian ships."

"Uh, okaaaay. Have you got the mask under control?"

"He'll come back out everytime I fight. He's getting stronger." said Dark in a stronger tone.

The fleet was down to 30%. And Darth was gettin angrier.

"Hehr. you think you can destroy our home, you're dead wrong" said Urieman as he continued to blast down more ships.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 12:17 PM
Bell was angery with Ave even if they were friends. She converted and controled energy into her hand. She stood there, and suddenly, she burst the whole wall open.
She jumped out and made a run for it down the hall. She got to the throne room and stopped. Ave sat there looking annoyed.

Ave: How did you get out?
Zell: I'm out.
Ave: You're in space, idiot.
Zell: Watch me.

She did the same thing and blasted a hole in the ship. The room was being sucked into space.

05-05-2007, 01:47 PM
"They're down to 10%" said Ordinary Man #67.

"This is easy. A whole fleet of villains beaten by one ship of heroes. Just goes to show our superiority" said Spideyo.

05-05-2007, 03:42 PM
((DAMN, I can't believe I missed this for community service this morning lol. XD))

"Well Dark, doesn't this seem just a bit too easy?"


BOOM. The cockpit began to shake violently, and had Davinq's safety belt not been restrained, he would have flown straight into the window.

"What the hell was that!?" Spideyo asked.

"Oh, right," Dark said. "There are supers in the same ship as Ave, including Ave. Duh, duh, duh." He began smacking his forehead.

Another dull thud shook the ship, and Dav grabbed the controls, performing a series of maneuvers that showed the talent of a born natural. That had no idea what he was doing, that is.

"Look there!" Ordinary Guy pointed. "An open hangar on the side of the ship! Head to it!"

Suddenly, one of the wingtips was smashed to bits, and the ship was spinning out of control towards the hangar.

Everyone was screaming, but with a little luck, Davinq managed to pulled up vertical just as the craft hit the hangar floor.

For a moment, there was silence, as everyone simply sat there, thankful to be alive. Then, with a cry, Dark said, "Everybody out! There's a planet to save!"

05-05-2007, 03:50 PM
Ave pulled her hand out and grabbed Zelda by the neck. "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Her grip tightened as she dragged Zelda to an escape pod. She kicked her inside and slammed the door shut. She welded it down quickly, and set the coarse for the sun. "SEE YOU IN HELL, BELL!" She pushed the ignition button and off she went.

05-05-2007, 03:54 PM
As all the superheroes alighted their mangled ship, Davinq saw the escape pod fly past the hangar, an alarmed, shocked, and thoroughly frightened Zelda trapped inside, her eyes wide.

If her eyes were wide, it was nothing compared to Davinq's, at least for a second. Then his eyes narrowed into slits, and he screamed. The roar seemed to stop time itself, and in that moment, he sprinted off to the bridge, where he was sure to finding the person responsible for condemning his comrade.

Alarmed, the rest of the party followed.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 04:02 PM
Bell was paralized with fear. She screamed and cryed for someone to let her out. She couldn't open it, due to Ave breaking the door. She sat and cryed her eyes out, not wanting to die.

05-05-2007, 04:23 PM
Reaching the bridge with the rest of the company in tow, they were almost instantly pulled out into space by the vaccuum.

But, in the midst of all the chaos, stood Avery, who had activated some sort of magnetism to the floor, which, coupled with the metal in her shoes, kept her from being flung out into space.

"YOU!" Davinq shouted above the din. "ANSWER FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ZELDA!!!"

"Doesn't matter anymore," Ave replied cooly. "We're all damned anyways."

Suddenly, in the growing darkness (the lights were starting to blink out), Davinq had a plan.

"Ordinary Guy! Clone your air-bubble man! Spideyo! Web his waist! Air-bubble guy! Hit me up with some oxygen!"

Shocked into action, the company obeyed, and in a moment, Davinq and the Air-bubble clone were flying into space after Zelda's escape pod, attached to the ship by several layers of Spideyo's web.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 04:38 PM
Bell cryed until she heard someone knock on the door. More liked banged. She looked out, seeing Dav beating on the door, trying to open it. He somehow ripped it out and grabbed Bell. He helped her oput and got back to the ship's remains.

Bell: T-than you Dav.
She gave him a hug and faced Ave.

05-05-2007, 04:54 PM
Davinq's sonic power had little to no effect in space. There was no atmosphere, and therefore no sound, so while he was out here, he was the equivalent of a civilian. With hyperjumps. And telepathy.

Somehow, he managed to open it, and Spideyo reeled the three of them in, while another one of Ordinary Guy's clones was producing a glassy substance from his fingertips, which was patching the hole in the window, as another clone was fixing the air filter in the bridge room.

Once everyone was safe inside, and the holes were sealed, Avery was completely surrounded, by the 100 clones of Ordinary Guy, Spideyo, Blizzard, Dark, Light, Zelda, and Dav.

"P-parley?" Ave stammered.

05-05-2007, 05:00 PM
"You said you were trying to save us." said Dark as his voice turned into that erie double voice again. His eyes turned all freaky and the mask grew out again.

"But this is unforgivable." said Dark as he drew his sword.

"As we speak, Darth, our army of heroes is building. Your army shall fall." said UrieMan.

"Now, I say, lets make her suffer." said Spideyo with a grin on his face.

"I agree" said UrieMan and LightRyter in unison.

Ordinary man multipllied into all his clones. And they all said
"Let's do this!"

05-05-2007, 05:14 PM
"No, wait!" Davinq cried. "This is revenge, and since when was revenge a part of the superhero mantra? Do you really want to dishonor yourself by striking down an already defeated enemy? The shame! And wh- DARK, NO!!!"

Dark had just issued a double-voiced snarl, and charged Avery.

05-05-2007, 05:22 PM
Dark let out a few quiet words.

"This isn't vengeance. This is Justice"

And he stopped right there. He suddenly tried to remove the mask.

"Get off me!" yelled Dark as he tried to rip off the mask.

05-05-2007, 05:29 PM
Davinq motioned to Zelda, and the two leaped on Psycho, trying to help him rip off the hideous thing. Suddenly, he curled up into a ball, then his limbs all went rigid. A sort of red energy was emenating from him, and it blasted Dav and Zell away from him, hitting walls on opposite sides of the room. Davinq, exhausted from the days events, snapped, and he slipped into unconciousness. Zell was too dazed to do anything for the moment. Dark turned on Avery...

05-05-2007, 05:40 PM
Dark, on the inside, was fighting a losing battle to the mask. The mask had been dominant for the last 3 years. Dark just kept on fighting.

"I don't want you!" said Dark.

"I am you! Don't you get it! I can help you win any battle!" replied the mask.

"That may be true! But I am the master here. I know I'm stronger than you. you are just a tool to be used by me for my purposes. I am the swordsman and you are the sword. And right now, I don't need you!" screamed Dark as he finally ripped off the mask.

He than passed out.

05-05-2007, 05:46 PM
Avery rolled her eyes. "Oh, for the love of Superman!" She ran over to a control panel near Davinq's still unconcious body and programmed the escape pods for the destination of Auckland, New Zealand, then set the self-destruction timer. Finally, she pressed the red button and slipped into the nearest escape pod. Red blinking lights and a siren were suddenly everywhere.

Ordinary Guy reverted to his single self and grabbed Dav, Blizzard grabbed Zell, and Spideyo slung Dark over his shoulder, and the seven of them (LightRyter included) crammed into the next closest escape pod.

05-05-2007, 09:43 PM
Avery rolled her eyes. "Oh, for the love of Superman!" She ran over to a control panel near Davinq's still unconcious body and programmed the escape pods for the destination of Auckland, New Zealand, then set the self-destruction timer. Finally, she pressed the red button and slipped into the nearest escape pod. Red blinking lights and a siren were suddenly everywhere.

Ordinary Guy reverted to his single self and grabbed Dav, Blizzard grabbed Zell, and Spideyo slung Dark over his shoulder, and the seven of them (LightRyter included) crammed into the next closest escape pod.
(Actually, Blizzard is still on Earth lookin for heroes, so instead of Blizzard, it will be UrieMan who grabs zel)

_ _ _ _

"Man I feel crammed" said Spideyo while the pod was heading back down to Earth.

'About 60 minutes later, the team had arrived back in Boston.

"Guys! We've been lookin everywhere for you!" said Cancerman with the rest of team disease.

"get everyone to the RV. We're headin to LA" said OrdinaryMan.

zelda 41
05-05-2007, 10:10 PM
Bell reverted to Zell and fell over. The team looked back and started to help her.

Zell: I'm fine, just shaken from VERY near death.

She stood up and started towards the RV.

05-06-2007, 08:48 AM
"So, who are we looking for in LA?" asked Spideyo.

"Eh, We're supposed to find some dude who can see the weakness in anything, and a technology manipulator." said UrieMan.

LightRyter kept looking up at the sky.

"My ship is destroyed! I put 3 years of my life into that thing!" said LightRyter with teary eyes.

"Yeah, uh sorry about that." said DarkRyter.

05-06-2007, 12:46 PM
Davinq felt the worst about LightRyter's loss. It was him who scrapped her ship. But then, if he hadn't, none of them would be here now.

05-06-2007, 01:04 PM
"Now,let's get this thing into jet mode and blast off!" said Spideyo.

The RV went jet mode and shot up into the sky. As they were going faster than sound, Ordinary Man noticed something.

"If the villain army is as big as they say, how are we gonna beat them? Especially with the few heroes we have now." said Ordinary Man.

"Well, let's not forget we still have more heroes to round up, and I'd say you'd count as 100 heroes, and don't forget we took out a large chunk out of the army when we blasted the Villain fleet in space." said DarkRyter.

After about an hour they were already in LA.

"OK guys. This time we stick together. I last heard the Weakness analyzer guy was in his secret lair inside the hollywood sign." said DarkRyter.

zelda 41
05-06-2007, 07:32 PM
Zell: Ooo, Holleywood!!! Can we go to Sky Sports& Spa to see Jackie?!?!
They all looked at her.

Zell: What? We need to get into shape, too!

05-06-2007, 08:02 PM
Davinq groaned. Inwardly he was getting tired of this RP and wanted to go slaughter some ninjas. But he played along for now.

"Right guys, here we are. Analyzer guy's lair. Anyone want to do the honors?"

Spideyo stepped forward and opened the door. Instantly, a trap door fell out from under him, and unfortunately Davinq as well, and down they tumbled, as the door closed so quickly the others scarcely had an idea of what just happened until about 5 seconds after it happened. Then they all rushed through the door in a panic.

05-06-2007, 08:23 PM
"You guys ok?" asked UrieMan.

"Oh crap. I knew I shouldn't have posted my secret lair on my myspace." said Analyzer Guy.

"Well, we're here. Now, we have something to ask you." said Spideyo.

"Go ahead. I'll here what you have to say."

zelda 41
05-06-2007, 08:37 PM
Zell stayed behind them and noticed someone outside watching. She went to go see who. She, alarmed, saw Kutsuku and ran inside. Kutsuku and elite agents followed her in and one grabbed her.


She controled water onto him and whiped him in the face. She hopped down and sprinted towards Dark and the others.

05-06-2007, 08:44 PM
A challenger appears.

05-07-2007, 03:21 PM
A challenger appears.
Dude, you aren't funny.

05-07-2007, 03:23 PM
Dude, you aren't funny.
Seems to be a catch-phrase with you brats.

05-07-2007, 03:26 PM
Seems to be a catch-phrase with you brats.
Well, yeah.

Except for this


05-07-2007, 07:34 PM
Dude, you aren't funny.
QFT, so it's almost hypocritical to say the same to others.

05-07-2007, 08:49 PM
QFT, so it's almost hypocritical to say the same to others.
:drama: :spinnaz: :drama:
Keep it up.

05-08-2007, 01:22 PM
A challenger appears.

Actually that was really f**kin funny....

05-09-2007, 03:31 PM
Back to the RPG.

"Hmm, Let's see. You want me to help you fight a huge army, even when we are outnumbered, and even though I can't really fight. I can only strategize." said Analyzer Guy. "I'd have to say no."

"Come on. You could be of huge use to us." said LightRyter.

"Well, if you could find my friend, Tech, I'll help you, but only then." replied Analyzer as he sent them off.

As the team went to search him, Spideyo kept hearing the words "I have a dream" in his head.

05-09-2007, 04:09 PM
Actually that was really f**kin funny....
Agreed, ahahahaha.

05-10-2007, 01:29 AM
no seriously.
props Sam.

05-10-2007, 08:13 PM
"Where do we look?" ask UrieMan.

"According to the map Analyzer Guy gave us, he is usually seen at the park." said DarkRyter.

"Guys. We got trouble" said Spideyo as he pointed out a few elites following them.

Spideyo and Urieman were able to beat about 3 of them while ordinary Man's laser vision clone and Zell took out the remaining ones.

"Looks like there are still some guys after us." said Ordinaryman.

"We can expect more. We're wanted in the villain community.' said LightRyter.

"Well, I'm tired and it's getting late. Lets get back to the RV and get some rest. We can look for tech tomorrow" said DarkRyter.

"Hey can I ask you something" said Daving.

"Sure. what?" said DarkRyter.

"What is with that mask?"

"Oh that. It's the avatar of my inner rage and bloodthirst. When I where it it increases all my attribute, most of all aggression.It's like the black suit from Spiderman. I'm not the only one who can where it. If ,say, Spideyo wore it, it would be absorbed into his own black suit, and have the same effects. If you wore it, your sonic powers would be enought to obliterate the city alone. And not to mention what happens if orinary man wore it."

"Wow. I would want to wear it, but after seeing what you did when you wore it, I might think twice." said Spideyo.

"I never wear the mask unless I am in ultimate mortal danger." said DarkRyter as they went to the RV.