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04-30-2007, 11:39 PM
Ok. It has been quite some time since I started a thread. But W/E.

I know we have discussed great games we may have missed before, but I feel the need to help promote more great games.

PS2- Kya: Dark Lineage. The game looks like a real kiddy type game or a real budget title. But damnit we should know better then to judge games by the book of their covers. It plays so amazing. Great character and art design, great fighting system, good overall mechanics. This has to be one of the best platformers I have played in quite some time. It's dirt cheap now too. Good solid fun.

PS2- Maximo series. Two games here. Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. Maximo: Army of Zin. Both are great platfomers. It's like 2D games of yore gone 3D and are a blast to play. Ghosts to glory can be hella hard, but I love the levels and characters. Army of Zin is a bit easier to play, and had a sweet overall design and new atacks that made combat even more engaging and fun. Againg both dirt cheap and both totally worth it.

X-Box- Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Total out of field hit. The game starts out really slow. I actually hated it at first. But once you start playing it and get further into the game, it's awesome. Great story. Transition between 3rd person and 1st is very well done. Other games should take notice of how to do it right. The weapons and ammo are clever and well implemented. I think the ending is one of my favorites in a game. It just stuck with me. Give it a try and bare with it's slow start and you won't regret it.

X-Box. Prince of Persia. I've only played the first one. Once again I hated it at first. Give it a chance. It has a neat gamestyle to it. And is alot of fun.

PS2 & X-Box.- Destroy All Humans. The game is just fun. I think the psychic abilities and Havok ragdoll effects are even better then my previous top spot holder Psi-Ops. The voice-work is absolutely wonderful. Should be no suprise since one of the main charcters is done by none other then Horovitz who also voiced a character named Raz in a game called Psychonauts. It also has radioactive zombie cows. How many other games can claim that? Oh and as a sweet bonus it has a full length B-movie from the 50's that you can unlock in it.

PS2, GameCube, Xbox. Beyond Good and Evil. Seriously. Just buy it. Right now. Thank me later. And send me money too.

Anyone else have any suggestions or opinions or magical powers fueled by candy?

05-01-2007, 11:22 AM
X-Box- Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Sweet jeezus yes! I was totally shocked how the Oddworld team managed to create an excellent FPS and 3rd person action game on basically their first try, considering the previous Oddworlds! I actually preferred the front part lol. Mostly because I loved shooting things. I just wished the story went on more and that Oddworld didn't kill their game development wing (although they say they're going into movie and tv animation, using the engine they built for Stranger's Wrath).

PS2, GameCube, Xbox. Beyond Good and Evil.

Also love! The best female action protagonist for a game in this generation of gaming, hands down! It's got great pacing, writing, and overall just amazing! The Bo stick fighting system is amazing visceral, the digital password and item system is also slick, and the photo taking portion is surprisingly very engaging (especially when you attempt to take photos of the boss creatures).

Okay, finally, my list!

Xbox/PS2 - Indigo Prophecy (US-NTSC)/Fahrenheit (UK-PAL)
A very different video game, with plot and characterization to rival quite a number of actual movies. Billed as an interactive movie with an engaging plot and a different take on interactivity. You'll be involved in almost any action! Lake pouring a glass of wine, running away from accidentally released psychos in an asylum, or making a police sketch.

Bloody Roar series - Xbox/PS2/Gamecube
A fighting game series, whose signature is having the fighters be able to transform into half-human half-animal hybrids. Think the Marvel mutants and furries. The fighting engine isn't deep, it's button-mashing really, but I can't explain the sheer fun that you can have with it with friends! Bloody Roar 4 doesn't blow me away, but from BR2 to BR3 Primal Fury (there are 3 different versions of BR3...don't ask), for sheer dumb fun and pretty sweet graphics and effects, this is the game to play with friends.

Panzer Dragoon Orta - Only on Xbox
The game that convinced me to buy an Xbox! The latest in the often underrated Panzer Dragoon series, it features absolutely gorgeous graphics (even though it was one of the 2nd year games on the Xbox), fantastic gameplay, an astoundingly well thought out gameworld (provided in-game is an entire encyclopedia containing entries on Panzer Dragoon's world history and scientific information on every single creature in the game).

Found only on the Xbox, it was sadly ignored by far too many people in Japan and the US, as well as around the world for Smilebit to continue making more Panzer Dragoons as they promised before the game's premiere.

Otogi series - Only on Xbox
Another very Japanese Xbox game that sadly also didn't do well on either side of the Pacific. The first game featured only one main character but with an astounding number of weapons, accessories, and magic. You only had two basic attack buttons and magic buttons and a jump button to combo with, but amazingly with this simplicity comes alot of fun.

Fully destructible stages, amazing environments (personal favourite being the one going through the ship graveyard towards a water demon boss on your own self-piloted ship, while being attacked by water spirits from the rocks and the water), beautiful score and art direction made it almost Okami-like in its Japanese flavour.

The 2nd in the series features more characters; a magician spirit inhabiting a tree stump, a girl and her deadly crow, a giant of a man, a half-wolf bladesman, and the woman who resurrected you.

And then the same team went on to create Enchanted Arm, which actually really sucks so I don't know what happened there =/

05-01-2007, 06:15 PM
I love destroy all humans. The sequal was crap though.

05-01-2007, 07:27 PM
I played Destroy All Humans once and was disappointed that I didn't have an X-Box.

PC - Black & White. While not as innovative and some years ago, it did allow you to user powers by waving your mouse. The adaptive system of your people was to be liked as well. (ie: if you topped off their grain stores, they'd always expect you to provide food for them)

05-01-2007, 07:59 PM
MxO, or the Matrix Online, is definitely a prime example of an underrated game.
Upon release, it was replete with bugs, and all and all not worth it. Thus, it suffered horribly, getting terrible reviews on Gamespot and just about everywhere else. Those reviews seriously need to be rewritten entirely, because over the course of a year, the game got a serious overhaul once it was purchased by SOE. Glitches were removed, storyline improved, etc etc.

That's not the only reason I recommend MxO. The RP community's fantastic. Better than any other game. Blow you away. Now I gtg kthxbye.

05-02-2007, 09:32 PM