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05-01-2007, 04:09 PM
The famous battle has it's own RPG.

Use the dollmaker to create your appearenc.
Don't kill off another person's character or bring them back to life.
No relationships, without consent of the other.
Too many secondary characters is not allowed.
No Deux Ex Machina

And most importantly, No spamming!!

zelda 41
05-01-2007, 04:44 PM
((i'ma main a ninja me, so don't freak dav))

Name: Zelda, Zell
age: 13
Skillz: fast jumper, high jumper, blends in easily
Weakness:slow runner, short attention, bores easily
http://elouai.com/doll-makers/link-doll.php?&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&girlstockings=0032&girlshoes=0064&girlskirt=0023&girltop=0004&girltwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0004&nose=0029&eyebrows=0069&eyes=0187&face=0048&makeup=0088&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0521&scarf=0016&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0012&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Zelda (http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php?reload=true&sex=girl&background=0000&elements=0000&wings=0000&base=0001&boystockings=0000&boyshoes=0000&boyskirt=0000&boytop=0000&boytwopiece=0000&head=0060&mouth=0004&nose=0029&eyebrows=0069&eyes=0187&face=0048&makeup=0088&earings=0000&glasses=0000&hair=0521&scarf=0016&boyfullbody=0000&girlfullbody=0000&hat=0012&accessory1=0000&pets1=0000&pets2=0000&accessory2=0000&cover=0000&namedoll=Zelda)

05-01-2007, 07:42 PM

((Oh, I'll freak all right Zell... you're going DOWN.))

Bio: same as on profile thread, but new s/w

Strength: Mad fencing skillz.
Weakness: I owe them all money...

Aboard Cap'n Dav's ship, the Heavenglider
Harumph! The scene opens, to mysterious credits, and we see a ship with navy blue sails in the distance. A fast motion camera angle brings us in to see Cap'n Dav, cutlass drawn, as he faces down his foe, a ninja. Circling the deck, the two wait for one to show weakness. Davinq falters, and the ninja lunges forward, to make a killing blow.

Dav, anticipating this, falls back, Matrix style, lunging forward with his left foot as he does so, heel colliding with the ninja's sternum, pushing him back to the far end of the deck. Springing up, Dav charged forward, ready to kick his foe overboard. Blood from a wound earlier on in the fight would bring the sharks along in no time.

The ninja however, pulled out a shurikan and flung it straight at the Cap'n's face. This would have killed him, hitting right in between the eyes. But Dav merely flicked his cutlass up and the throwing star reflected off, spinning harmlessly out to sea. Jumping up over the steering mechanism, his flying kick knocks the ninja, now fresh out of tricks, in the jaw, as he topples over the rail and into the sea.

Panting, Dav limped down the stairs and into his cabin, calling for the doctor... and his dame.

zelda 41
05-02-2007, 04:15 PM
Zelly looked out her window in her apartment. Her villiage, The Village Hidden in the Awesome, was dull. She sensed another ninja gone.

Zelly: Another one gone, eh? Maybe I should take out this guy myself.....

She yawned and looked at her red nails.

Zelly: Of course, it could wait until tomarrow.

05-02-2007, 09:43 PM
I'll end this right here: NINJA WINS! I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!! But I know you guys wouldn't appreciate that. So maybe just consider me to be like a bird who wears a jet-pack and yells alot or something and just disregard what I said. THE POWER IS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-04-2007, 06:16 PM

This RP is now put on hold until the City of Villiany is over.

Have a nice day.

05-19-2007, 01:15 AM
Okay that's it. This RP is now open for business.


Cap'n Dav alighted his ship, which was now docked at a port somewhere in Asia. Bringing a few of his most capable and trusted men, they headed for the nearby marketplace to acquire goods. Acquire does not necessarily mean trade or buy. These are pirates, remember? And hungry pirates at that, arr!

So here we have it, Cap'n Dav and the crew of the Heavenglider stride boldly into the market square, cutlasses and pistols drawn. A momentary silence occurs next, then the pirates all mass towards whatever food suits their fancy, taking things at will, plundering and eating with a vigor.

Then suddenly, the bosum toppled over a beer keg with a bloodcurdling scream, a nunchaku wrapped around his now snapped neck. Figures dressed entirely in black sprang from the rooftops, and one of the first Pirate vs. Ninja confrontations in history began. But it wouldn't be the last. Oooh no, it would not be the last.

06-15-2007, 11:23 AM
There once was this booooy, who got into an accident....