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05-01-2007, 05:32 PM
(This is a casting call to see if there is interest. If so, I'll set up the topic after school ends for me on next Tuesday)

Star Wars: Conspiracy

(Right After the End of the Jedi Civil War)

It is a perilous time for the
galaxy. A brutal civil war has
all but destroyed the Jedi
Order, leaving the ailing
Republic on the verge of

Meanwhile, the Senate has been
appaled when it has found a fellow
Senator has "disappered" after a Senate
meeting. There are some Senators, worried
that this could be a preclude
to a secret plan to wipe
out the Republic once and for all.

In order to deal with the crisis,
a Senate Committee has been set up to

Premise: You are a bunch of heroic (or less than heroic) Senators who have been assigned to this Committee to help investigate this "disapperence" of one of your fellow Senators, and maybe uncover a Conspiracy to overthrow the Republic. There are some people on the Committee (currently, 2, but if there is much popularity, I'll increase it) that could be working for the Conspiracy, and has the main goal of hiding the existence of the Conspiracy. Lots of political backstabbing occurs as the people attempt to uncover and stop a hidden and evil Conspiracy...

The Conspiracy may or may not exist. People may be secretly taken away and shot...or maybe all the disapperences are mere concidentcally. It is up to you to find out...

This is a variant of Political Conspiracy (http://mafiascum.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/PoliticalConspiracy), a game that I want to try out, due to the fact that I want to see paranoia in action. I also want to see a RP where people roleplay other than uber-powerful Jedi Masters...why not overpaid and corrupt Senators? :)

This will be a summary of rules for this variant, the actual rules are at the URL, but here is the rules that I think of.


There is a fifty percent chance of being a conspiracy, which is randomly composed of some predetermined number from two to the number of players minus two players. The conspirators know who's in the conspiracy, and consequently who isn't. The goal of the conspiracy is to convince everyone else, the innocents, that there is no conspiracy partially through getting rid of everyone who catches on.

Everyone who isn't in the conspiracy (Everyone if there's no conspiracy) are innocents. Innocents only know that they are innocent. The goals of innocents are to survive to the end of the game, determine whether or not there is a conspiracy, and convince other innocents that there is a conspiracy.

Size of Potential Conspiracy depends on how many people sign up, but it is currently set at: 2.

Time limits for Segment of Discussion: 2 Days
Time Limits for segment of Voting: 1 Day

Starting Phase:
If there is a Conspiracy, then the members who are in the Conspiracy votes on what Player to "disapper" first. That first disapperance is what is alluded to in that 'opening text crawl', and after that, the Senate Committee is formed and the Main Phase begins.

If there is no Conspiracy, then a person is randomly selected to "disapper" and it is this disapperance tht is aluded to the 'opening text crawl' and spured the founding of the Senate Committee.

Main Phase:
The main phase alternates between segments of discussion and voting.

Discussion Segment: The players discuss, with the innocents try to figure things out and ensure their survival and the conspirators try to cover up their existence. Anyone can say anything, true or false. Private communication is permitted and encouraged, so long as both parties in any communication know with whom they are communicating. However, you may not prove you are or are not a member of the conspiracy. (Through revealing cards, or quoting PMs, or whatever) When the time limit for a particular discussion segment ends, move to a voting segment or the decisive phase if all voting segments are complete.

-Propsals: During a Discussion Segment, there are 2 different Propsals that can be Approved by the Senate Committee, each of whom has an effect. For a Propsal to pass and be approved, it must have a simple majority (51% or more) voting for it by the end of the Discussion Segment. Otherwise, it has failed, and is removed. However, a Propsal can be re-proposed in the next Discussion Segment, and hopefully gian the necessary simple majority to pass.

All Votes on Propsals are Public and posted in the thread.

(Example: There are 4 people on the Senate Committee. 2 people vote Yes on the "NoConspiracy" propsal, and 2 people vote No on the "NoConspiracy" propsal. The Propsal fails, since the people voting for the propsal only compose 50% of the Senate Committee. If one person defects from voting No on the "NoConspiracy" propsal to Yes on the "NoConspiracy" propsal, then the Propsal passes when the Discussion Segment end. If this said person abstains from voting, then the "NoConspiracy" propsal still does not pass, as only 50% of the Senate Commitee voted For the Propsal. For the purposes of the game, an Abstain counts as a No.)

1) NoConspiracy: This is a Propsal that would have the Committee rule that all these "disapperances" are unconnected, and that there is therefore, no Conspiracy. If the propsal passes with a simple majority in the Senate Committee, The Committee then disbands.

If there is indeed No Conspiracy, then all Innocents who are still alive has won. If there is a Conspiracy however, the Conspiracy automatically wins, and all Innocents lose. Therefore, it is in the interest of a Conspirator to attempt to cause for the NoConspiracy propsal to be passed.

2) ConspiracyTheory: This is a Propsal that names 2 People with the charge of Conspiracy. If this proposal passes with a simple majority, then the Committee declares that these 2 people would be arrested, taken away from Corasaunt, put on trial for charges of conspiracy, and lynched.

This is useful against people you feel are actually conspirators and whom are trying to destroy the Republic. You must name 2 people though, and you have to be sure that the people you are charging of Conspiracy actually are part of the Conspiracy. Also, as per pre-existing Senate guidelines in order to prevent rampant fear and paranoia that would result from various exeuctions of Senators...the Conspiracy Theory propsal can only be Passed once per game.

The game will procedes as normal to the Voting Segment, but if it turns out that there was a Conspiracy and both Conspirators were captured, nobody would be "disappered" during the Voting Sequence. If that happens, all Innocents, even the disappered ones, win. If someone get "disappered" (because there never was a conspiracy, or at least one conspirator is still out there), then the game continues.

While Innocents can use ConspiracyTheory to get rid of Conspirators, Conspirators can also use the ConspiracyTheory Propsal to help get rid of 2 troublesome Innocents at the same time, or to distract attention from them. There is also the possiblity that a ConspiracyTheory may correctly get rid of one Conspirator but the other Conspirator remains in the game. In that case, the game continues, with that last suriving Conspirator slowly getting rid of the Innocents.

Voting Segments: Discussion temporarily ceases and all players privately vote to try to get rid of one of the innocents. If there is no conspiracy, all innocents may try to have any of the other innocents disappear. If there is a conspiracy, only the conspirators' votes count. Either way, plurality rules, and ties are broken randomly. The only feedback the players get from the voting is which player has disappeared. That player is out of the game, and may not communicate about game-related topics to the survivors. If there is no conspiracy, that player has lost, but if there is a conspiracy, that player still has hope in the decision of the surviving innocent. After the disappearance is announced, the next Discussion Segment begins.

Decisive Phase: This phase is reached when X+1 people (with X representing the amount of Potential Conspirators) are left on the Committee. This may be because everyone else has "disappered" after a Voting Segment, or there has been a ConspiracyTheory propsal passed and 2 people were captured by the Republic and sent to trial.

No matter what caused the amount of people left alive to be "X+1", all players are allowed to make a final discussion on what is right and what is wrong, some last words on the issue to sway each other. No propsals can be made however during this period. This would last for 2 days, just like a normal Discussion Segment.

At the same time, all Players, Innocent or Conspirator, must send a PM answering this question: "Is there a conspiracy?"

If the Decisive Phase occured right after a ConspiracyTheory Propsal has been passed (causing for the removal of 2 people), skipping the Voting Phase that would reveal if anyone would still disappers, then all players must answer these two questions:
1. Was there a conspiracy?
2. If so, if any members of the Conspiracy still alive or have the Conspiracy been wiped out?

If there is a conspiracy, and the single remaining innocent player (or players if there is only one Conspirator left) believes there is no conspiracy [or that if there was a conspiracy, it has since been wiped out], all conspirators win. If the remaining innocent player (or players) decides that there is a conspiracy, all the innocents (Including disappeared ones) win. If one Innocent decides there is a conspiracy. and another Innocent decides there is not a Conspiracy, then the game is tied.
If there is no conspiracy, all players who decide that there is no conspiracy win. The players who decide that there is a conspiracy lose and spend their life making vocal websites and becoming paranoid freaks. If a player states that there was a conspiracy, but that it has since been wiped out thanks to a Conspiracy Theory, then that player loses anyway for being caught up by paranoia.
Roleplaying: This is the most important thing. It is encourgaed for you to Roleplay in your Discussion Segments between each other, in the Voting Sequences (where the Committee is not in session and you are just in your day-to-day business of being a Senator in the Republic), and in posts where I announce disapperances, I will do a bit of RPing myself. Conspirators may private message a plan to execute a player that I will post in the RP. And Innocenets, if they believe that there is a Conspiracy in the Decvisie Phase, can then tell me what they would do in order to combat this conspiracy, and I'll post it in the RP.

Two note though:

1. No Godmodding. Since I am going to moderate this RP, I guess it is sort of obivous. If you want to do something, better to ask me first to see if it is possible. If you need any help with the rules, just ask. This isn't really that free-form as the other RPs, but I see that as a benieft, as the game can move more effectively, and I hope to cause some paranoia and fear, like in a real conspiracy.

2. Your character may "disapper" (because of the result of the Voting Sequence), or arrested and executed by the Republic if the ConspiracyTheory Propsal passes with your name on it. Therefore, do not get too attached to your character, since they could kick the bucket at any time. Do remember that this is just a game, and also keep in mind that you are here to win (as well as have fun).

Now that this is handled, here is your Character Sheet Template. You do not need to use it, but it is encouraged. The more detailed your Sheet is, the better I can craft a suitable scene of how you get "disappered".

Real Name:
World That You are Representing:
Faction Name:

Attributes [Realism encouraged for Senators please. High CHAR is understandable for a stellar politican, but I doubt a politican, unless he is in Califorina, could be a great weightlifter]:
- STR:
- DEX:
- CON:
- INT:
- WIS:
- CHR:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Corruption Rating (1-10, 1 being squeeky clean, and the 10 being quite, quite dirty):

Jedi Atomic
05-02-2007, 07:44 PM
(This sounds great. Rules very, very complex, but I'll have to go step by step with the rules.)

Name: Senator Dak
Real Name: Darrick Dominia
Age: 37
Homeworld: Dantooine
World That You are Representing: Dantooine
Faction Name: Khoonda Militia (Not sure what you mean?!?)

Attributes: (out of 30 I'm assuming?)
- STR: 3
- DEX: 4
- CON: 4
- INT: 6
- WIS: 6
- CHR: 7

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Description: (Of What? History? Appearance?)
Corruption Rating: 2

05-02-2007, 08:01 PM
Faction Name: Khoonda Militia (Not sure what you mean?!?)

Well, like Factions within the Republic. Similar to our political parties in modern day democracies, like the USA (Democratic Party or Republican Party).

For example, in TSL, you hear of a faction by the Administrator. She talks about "budget hawks" who want to cut aid to Dantoonie so that the Republic can pocket the savings.

Attributes: (out of 30 I'm assuming?)

Actually, according to how some people generate their characters, they just roll a 30 sided die on each and attribute then record the results down.

But it really doesn't matter what the Attributes are. They are just there for flavor and to help showcase how good your character is. I like your system of dividing points, so I'll use that as a template. :)

Description: (Of What? History? Appearance?)


Thanks for signing up, altough I have a bad feeling the rules might be too complex. I'd help anyone out, but if it turns out there is no one here.../shrugs.

05-05-2007, 01:24 PM
If there is not enough interest, I'll shut this RP down and set up a brand new topic which may be a bit...simple, free-form like a regural RP. Still keeping in with the Senator theme, maybe.