View Full Version : TC(HC) RE-OPENS SWBF2 Spy clan

05-04-2007, 04:40 AM
Hi again guys,
Took some time after not playing but, its back thanks to a member who had just joined. We do not only offer the clan to only but to halo 2(coming soon this year), LOTR bfme2 and of course swbf2. The clan is created from its motherload the Tc. Hope u guys join and below are the services we do.

-Find out enemy's clan website
-Seek out sabotage activities on other clans
-Help your clan out in war
-Shearch enemy leader
-Tactics help
Comment us on what you want or email me at ashrafminhaj@hotmail.com
Be sure to include this details:
-Your clan
-How i can contact you
-Name of your clan website
-Other details