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05-09-2007, 03:01 AM
Combat Changes

There have been significant changes to the internal workings of our combat engine. Game play for the end user should remain unchanged, but some new results are possible once you pull the trigger.

New Values: Miss, Dodge, Block, Parry, Strikethrough, Evasion and Punishing Blow


NPCs and players with ranged weapons in Auto-Aim mode have a base 5% chance to miss their target. Factors such as debuffs and movement increase the playerís chance to miss. Buffs and the strength stat reduce the chance to miss.
The base miss chance for melee and Manual-Aim mode is 0%.


Dodge is a defender attribute that gives a chance to avoid incoming damage. On a successful roll, the attack will be treated as a miss and no damage will be applied.


Block is a defender attribute that has a chance to mitigate additional damage based on the defenderís block score. Block mitigation is applied after armor so it is possible to reduce incoming damage to 0 with a high enough Block Value.


Parry is a melee defender attribute that will allow the defender to negate a successful attack. Normal parry can only block other melee attacks though Lightsaber weapons can parry ranged attacks as well.


Strikethrough is a type of critical which instead of adding damage will bypass a % of your targetís armor. Strikethrough amount is based on the attackerís Strikethrough Value.


Evasion is a defender attribute that will allow the target to avoid a % of damage from an Area Effect attack. The amount of % evaded is determined by the defenderís Evasion Value.

Punishing Blow

A punishing blow is a type of critical only available to NPCs that do 150% damage. Elite and Boss category NPCs (as well as those higher level than the player), can land a punishing blow.

Updated Values: Glancing Blow, Devastation, Heavy Weapons, PvP Damage Reduction

Glancing Blows

The damage reduction from a glancing blow has been reduced from 96% to 60%. In addition, Elite and Boss category NPCs (as well as those higher level than the player), have a natural chance to receive a glancing blow.


The Commando heavy weapon attribute Devastation damage bonus has been reduced from 200% to 150%.

Heavy Weapons

Base Heavy Weapon damage has been reduced from 115% to 100%.

PvP Damage Reduction

The Player vs. Player damage reduction has been reduced from 25% to 0%.

Direct Target vs. Area Effect Combat Results

Hit Types for a direct target attack are Miss, Dodge, Parry, Block, Glancing, Hit, Strikethrough, Critical, and Punishing Blow.
Hit Types for Area Effect attacks are Glancing, Block, Evade, Critical and Punishing Blow.
Note that most Heavy Weapons are treated as Area Effect attacks.

Player Attributes

The way in which player attributes feed into the combat formula has been altered.
Stamina & Constitution remain unchanged.
Precision: Affects Parry, Block Chance, Critical Hit Chance and Strikethrough Chance.
Agility: Affects Dodge, Parry and Evasion Chance
Strength: Affects Block Chance, Block Value, Hit Chance, and adds a damage bonus to melee attacks.
Luck: Affects Dodge Chance, Evasion Chance, Evasion Value, Critical Hit Chance, Strikethrough Chance and Strikethrough Value.

NPC Combat

Creature type NPCs now have the ability to perform special attacks.
NPCs will now be less inclined to leave the area while fighting indoors.
The idle time between decisions for NPCs has been removed.

NPC Statistics

Normal class NPCs above level 10 have gained an Armor Rating.
The Armor Rating gain scale for Elite and Boss class NPCs has been increased.
The Damage Value gain scale for Normal, Elite and Boss class NPCs has been increased.

05-09-2007, 03:25 PM
whens 6 going live?

05-22-2007, 08:30 AM
Technically its live now - if you boot your SWG client it will download the patch. Galaxies are all down though. They usually go up around 5/6ish, don't they?

05-22-2007, 09:38 AM
they should be back up now. The 'all servers are down' message when you login is an error

06-03-2007, 11:51 AM
wow they did change alot. i'm very glad they gave the creatures back their specials. I should plan a trip back to mustafar soon. :)