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05-13-2007, 02:40 PM
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Name: Habitat Walker
Faction: Hierarchy

Purpose: Mobile Infantry Producing Walker
Speed: Slow
Armor: Heavy
Unit Class: Inorganic
Vision: Medium
Targeting: Direct

Concept Art
Reconnaissance Photo
Habitat Render

Word from the front lines:
"They came out of no where, blazing through the night sky, and crashing upon the cities and suburbs like meteors! Minutes after the explosions the ground began to shake and enormous walking alien machines arose silhouetting the fires."
-Anonymous US Marine

Despite the fact that these same mysterious Hierarchy Walkers have been showing up around the world, they are all slightly different from one another. These walkers seem to employ a hardpoint type system in which they can build weapons and subsystems, in order to customize their role, depending on battle circumstances. Our recon team was only able to retrieve one photo before being detected by the escorting Hierarchy Defilers.