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05-17-2007, 05:03 PM
Clinton's Corner
(Star Wars Players Discuss Star Wars Politics On a WebBoard):

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The next installment of the great game "Marines of the Old American Republic 2: The Deserts of Iraq" came in with great disappointmens on all sides. While some are happy about the complex moral intricates, and how it twists the accepted definitions of good and evil, other people complain of its difficulites, the supposed craziness of the plot, and the many, many bugs.

As people await the MOAR Restoration Pack, and the third installment of this great trilogy...the fans see a brand new forum on the Republic Datalink open up..."
What is it? A pardoy about the modern-day debates, by having people debate them in here. Basically, I debate for fun, but I realize that debates for fun sort of becomes harder to do when you are trying to persuade. Maybe this game might work.

What era? The republic is just being set up, and is entering into a period of prosperity. Just before the YV invasion.

How you play? You create a persona, an actual persona of you on the Republic Datalink. Only one account per person, at least for now. You get to decide all different views about you, you could be a Star Wars atheist (Force doesn't exist!), an Imperial supporter (Long live Palpatine), a Jedi Supporter, etc. There is one important rule however: The persona you play do not actually matter, it is more of the issues you argue for or against. You could claim, for example, to be an uber-powerful Jedi...but that does not mean you actually are, you could be lying. It does not matter, as long as you present your views correctly.

Your main goal is to "win the debates" in Clinton's Corner.

Special Rules: Basically, some time ago, after the Empire fell, a guy named Mr. George decided to create some prehistoric movies based on myths of the past. Those "prehistoric" movies are, well, showcasing our planet Earth, and it is called Earth Wars. It became a hit in the galaxy, and so, lots of people started watching and reading it, and George's company, LucasArts, started making commericalized games that take place in Earth Wars. This most recent game, "Marines of the Old American Republic 2: The Deserts of Iraq", takes place 4000 years before the original Earth Wars trilogy, and is, for all intents and purposes, quite similar to the TSL in our world.

You basically invent the details of this entire Earth Wars, and can use those details to help argue your point. If you really want, you could argue that your preception of the Earth Wars series is the right one, thereby causing for a huge war against fandom, which may be fun. Do remember that Earth Wars is a tounge-in-cheek of our time, so a bit of an inaccuracy in the game is pretty good.

I'll see if there is any interest, before I create a character myself.