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2Cold Scorpio
05-23-2007, 04:27 PM
I'm attempting to create my first lightsaber mod, but I've ran into a problem. I used Achilles's tutorial to make a basic lightsaber (not upgradable yet, no new stats set, etc.), but in game all I get is a null grenade (for both the saber and the crystal...).

I've uploaded a Zip file containing my original extracted files (for reference) and my modified ones. A text file is also included with much greater detail of my problem, which I'll post here as well. I'd really appriciate some help from the Saber Gods here that inspired me to do this in the first place! :)

PS: In Achilles' tutorial, it had a link to a KotOR file reference page, but the link does not work. Anyone know where I can get one? My problem may well be that I extracted the wrong files to modify...

THe Zip can be downloaded here:
[Problem solved - Troubleshooting file removed]
Thanks Shem!

THanks in advance!!

[Development Notes deleted]

05-23-2007, 05:49 PM
I'm no expert, but having your model names:


...will not work. You'll need to make them:


...assuming your want to use the #66 slot and you want it to be a single blade.

The crystal in the lightsaber won't show up until you have made changes in your upcrystals.2da file to line the crystal slot with your lightsaber. I also haven't seen the inside of your UTI files so I can't tell you if you have some typos in there or your information is not lined up how it should for the game system to read it correctly.

2Cold Scorpio
05-23-2007, 07:27 PM
I'm pretty sure I did my .uti files correctly; they seem to match the other examples I've studied. I imagine I goofed with renaming the model files. That, or I extracted the wrong files (I'm trying to make a long Malak-esqe saber, and I don't have a file reference chart to use (I used my cheats list...hope it worked. lol)

I appriciate your feedback, Shem (by the way, your Enhancement mod was one of my inspirations for this mod...I wanted to make my own more damaging weapons. :) That, and I wanted to recolor my red blade to be more 'evil' by making it a deeper red, but didn't want to replace EVERY red saber in the game. :) ).

You can bet I'll be sending this baby to FileFront when its all said and done. :D

2Cold Scorpio
05-24-2007, 04:15 PM
Well, I re-started from scratch and didn't rename anything but my crystal file, and got everything working. THanks Shem! :)

Now I just have to start skinning and modeling...anyone interested in some modeling work? ;)