View Full Version : Consortium not available to play, and enemies not visible

05-23-2007, 11:12 PM
I recently downloaded the map editor, and have semi-successfully created a relatively simple skirmish map...i have a couple of problems...i cannot set up the map so that i can play as the Consortium...when i try, the game tells me that there must be at least one player per side...i can play the game if i set it up so that its simply Empire vs. Rebellion, but i rather enjoy playing as the Consortium.

My other problem is that i cannot see any indication of the enemies on the mini map...there structures and units are actually there, i just see no representation of them on the mini map at all...are there some sort of markers or something i have to place on the structures, or what...?

I set my map up as a simple 2 player, with both the player0 and player1 position and spawn markers at each camp...what am i doing wrong, or simply not doing?