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Darth Kalverys
05-30-2007, 08:03 PM
Ok... in PotC 3: At World's End, we got to witness the 2nd crowning of the Pirate King, Elizabeth Swann/Turner... and I want to expand on what happened in the 10 years that Will was gone with the Flying Dutchman, (besides having their son)

All original characters will return... except Will, Davy Jones, Elizabeth's father, Calypso, and anyone who died and did not return from the land of the dead

Character Sheet:


I'll take Elizabeth

Name: Elizabeth Swann/Turner
Age: 21 (I think)
Looks: Elizabeth Turner (http://www.filmedge.net/potc3/images/Captain%20Barbossa,%20Elizabeth%20Swann%20and%20Ca ptain%20Jack%20Sparrow.jpg)
Weapon: Cortes' Sword
Ship: The Black Pearl
Position: Capitan/ Pirate King
Info: Elizabeth Swann was named Capitan and Pirate Lord when the temporary capitan of the Black Pearl was killed by the Flying Dutchman. Later she was crowned Pirate King in the meeting of the Pirate "Brotherhood", when the Pirate Lords decided that they would free the goddess, Calypso... to help them defeat the British Armada. When aboard the Black Pearl, trying to destroy the Flying Dutchman's capitan, Davy Jones, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann asked Capitan Barbosa to marry them, and he did during the battle. When Will died on the Flying Dutchman, she decided it was time for her to settle down, but with an unexpected turn of events Will came back to life when his father cut out his heart and bound it to the ship, after Capitan Jack Sparrow used Will's hand to stab the heart of Davy Jones, and killed him. When Elizabeth saw her husband alive, she rejoiced and changed her mind about settling down and becoming a simple British citizen, and decided that she would remain a pirate. After her marrige day, with Will gone for ten years, she resumed her command over the Pirate Armada as King.

Empress Padme
07-13-2007, 02:29 AM
can it be a new character. cause if no then I'll sign up as Jack. I can't think of any other girls in PotC