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05-31-2007, 04:14 PM
It's been a long time since I last modded anything for Kotor II: TSL and I kind of forgot a couple things. The only thing I haven't really figured out again (lack of trying yet, so I'm sure I could remember eventually) is if a simple duplication and name change of a certain models and skins will, after a bit of work, make it completely compatible with other mods that use and change that same base model(asking more for armor than weapons). I'm asking this because I really want to make a mod that I can release on here. I can't do that with my old ones since I just got a brand spanking new pc and didn't think that I would want all of my old ones. I would just release one, but I really want it to not interfere with any other mods because I know the frustration when you go to check out some new mod and the texture is of because of incompatible mods. I realize this must seem like a really noobish question, but I haven't modded in a while.

If this has already been answered, then please just redirect me to it. Thanks in advance.