View Full Version : [KOTOR] Tweak Mod

06-05-2007, 08:06 PM
Download from Filefront: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Tweak_Mod;79686

This mod changes little details within the game, as well as some other things.

-- Visual effects for the following has been removed:

Force Push and Force Wave (the pink glitter)

Force Jump (the trail of glitter that comes out of the
character's... well, I don't want to know)

Force Choke (everything except the animation) so now they look just like in the movies.

-- No more sparks flying when in lightsaber combat (I found it especially
annoying when my character kicked an enemy, sparks still flew).

-- The white blaster bolts from disruptors and heavy repeaters has been changed to blue.

-- Stationary melee flourish animations have been removed (I think it looks cool when
character's lightsabers ignite without them doing any flourish.) You can still flourish
while running though.

-- New skin for Malak's eyes, so now he has Sith Eyes. Also, I thought it was weird that
Bib Fortuna's ancestor Komad, the hunter on Tatooine was yellow-skinned instead of white
like Bib. So now Komad has white skin. Nice way to show family resemblance. I also threw
in a bonus 100% Dark Side skin for my favorite Male head, the scarface male. His skin is
now paler and deader-looking, kind of like the Dark Side faces in TSL.

INSTALLATION: Just put the files in your Override folder. Since most of the .2da files I
edited aren't common in any other mods I've seen, there shouldn't be too much conflict. I
separated my mod into 3 parts, so people can pick what they want.

I hope people like this mod, and I only regret I didn't put more stuff into my mod. I guess that will have to wait until Version 2 ;)