View Full Version : Looking for Help, Trying to make Sith Royal Guard Armor...

Darth Venomous
06-07-2007, 02:56 AM
First off let me start by introducing myself. I am new here and also pretty new to modding as well, although I can retexture fairly well with photoshop. I am replaying the original KOTOR and want a custom Sith/Jedi armor to wear. I have been reading the tutorials on basic .uti editing and retexturing and haven't been able to get things to work. So I am posting here what I have in mind. I would love to have a new retextured version of Revan's Robes (only guessing that would be best to start from) of the Sith Royal Guard armor. I just love how those looked in the original movie, even if they only had minimal screen time.


I was hoping to end up with a piece of armor that was non-force restrictive and was fully upgradable. These would be going on my new DS female. Like I said I tried to do the basic ideas of just .uti and texture but even then the N_SithSoldier02.tpc doesn't look that great. I just see this with a cape and a hood like revan's cut-scene so that the sith armor helmet shows through the hood.
If anyone wants to help point me in the right direction or just take on a request, either way I'd be more than grateful!