View Full Version : Malak Reskin [K1 - WIP]

06-09-2007, 07:41 AM
Hello everyone.

If you have ventured to the firey depths of Kotorfiles.com, then you will notice that I have submitted a Darth Malak reskin for KOTOR 1. Well, it is not finished. To be honest, this is just a project to hone my skills so that I can do more skinning, but I am trying to get something that I like and other people like too. So far, it's going well. You can download version 1.1 which includes the jawpiece here:
However, I suggest waiting until I'm completely done if you wish to download it. Here is the latest version:
It is my favourite, the grunge brushing is meant to create a rusty effect. I had to totally recreate the body skin after accidentally making it brutally shiny, so even the cape and clothes were shiny. In case you are [like myself] too lazy to check it out, here is a basic description so far:
Eyes: Red & Yellow Sith Eyes
Head: Tattooes are now slightly more red, lines under eyes to make him look older
Jawpiece: Worn-Out Gold colour with brown rust/cracking effect
Body: Chestplate now Dark/"Deep" Gold, Rest of clothing a Dark Grey colour.
Cape: Red
The reason I have posted here is because I would like some suggestions about what else to add, because I'm kind of stumped for ideas. I've tried to take a sample of Darth Sion's skin from a screenshot and blend it into Malak's skin to make it look more cracked, but it didn't look as desired.

Any Suggestions Please?