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06-09-2007, 12:34 PM
Star Wars:
Stormtroopers of the 713th Division

The Empire has taken control of the former republic with the
aid of itís clone armies. Now named stormtroopers they
defend the empire by subjugating worlds.

The Stormtroopers are no longer pure and now new clones
and enlisted men make up the numbers to spread the
Emperors will.

The Empire has slowly become divided as the rebels
alliance has grown and gained followers. Some of those new
followers are even deserters from the imperial ranks.

On the wookiee home world of Kashyyyk the occupying imperial
forces are made up of the 571st, 713th and 806th stormtrooper
division. But like in many other divisions there is speak of
desertion within the ranks.

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The Story
The RP takes place about 1 year before the battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star. You are a Non-clone Stormtrooper within the ranks of the 713th division and are facing a choice. You have seen the empire at its worse with the subjugation of the entire Wookiee race and there are rumours of a desertion to the Rebel Forces. Either stay loyal to the Emperor or join the Alliance and fight against the oppression.
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Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.
No Jedi or force adepts
No killing Pcs without permission
Minimal Char Control (itís unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs
7 day Absence rule- donít post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
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Character Sheet

Name: (John Doe, Jane Doe)
Nickname: (JD, Sparky)
Species: (As standard all Stormtroopers are Human but as long as the character can pass as human itíll be fine)
Sex: (Male/female, Again as standard stormtroopers are male but if youíd like to be a women go ahead)
Age: (18- 60)
Position: (Trooper, Heavy Weapons, Shock Trooper, Scout Trooper, Engineer or Vehicle Pilot/gunner)
Appearance: (Picture or descriptionÖ Without armour)
Weapons: (relate to position)
Equipment: (Standard issue + Non standard issue)
Bio: (History and personality)
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Name: Gene Harplow
Nickname: red-eye
Species: Human from Coruscant
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Position: Scout Trooper
Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Scout trooper pistol, Grenades
Equipment: Recon droid, Sensor equipment.
Bio: Born and raised in the Coruscant under city Gene Harplow spent all his childhood and teen years without seeing the surface. This was perhaps the main reason he joined up to the Imperial Army as they advertised that you could see the whole universe. He went to the training boot camp for training recruits to become Stormtroopers and discover if they had any specialist skills. This is how gene discovered how accurate he could be with a Sniper rifle, the empire put hi in specialist training for it, this is where he earned the Nickname Red eye. Gene had a tendency to push his eye up against the scope when getting ready to shoot and this often left a red mark around his eye.

He left Boot camp on his nineteenth birthday and was assigned to the 713th division on Kashyyyk. Here he discovered everything he was told of the empire wasnít accurate, he hated the way the empire treated the locals but couldnít just leave the forces. This is where he started taking death sticks, these allowed him to do the most heinous of crimes against the Wookies and forget about it.