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06-11-2007, 12:53 AM
Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic
It is a dark time in the Republic. Literally
ceasing to exist, many planets are left
engulfed in darkness. Many think that the
galaxy itself will become nothing but blankness
and death. But on the fringes of known space,
the Jedi and Sith continue to exist. . . .
The story takes place around 1,064 BBY (http://www.starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Republic_Dark_Age), a time in the Republic Dark Age. The story is about remaining Jedi and Sith in the galaxy, and more of the plot will be revealed in the full RP.
No god moding (obviously)
No being a control freak
No droids with Force powers
No swearing, EXCEPT for "damn" and SW curse words
Character Sheet and Examples:
Name: (Name here)
Nickname: (Optional)
Appearance: (Describe and/or post a picture)
Species: (Human, Zabrak, Bith, Utai, Droid, etc.)
Home Planet: (If not species' home planet)
Gender: (Male/Female/Neither/Both)
Age: (Obvious)
Class: (Soldier, Scout, Scoundrel, Guardian, Sentinel, Consular, etc.)
Preferred Weapon: (Like a favorite)
Short / Long Bio: (Biography)
I'll start off with my character first.
Name: Dack Ceris
Nickname: none
Appearance: Looks like the Obi-Wan resembling Exile (lightside)
Species: Human
Home Planet: Alderaan
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Class: Jedi Consular
Preferred Weapon: Single-bladed Blue Lightsaber
Short / Long Bio:
Dack was born on Alderaan to a poor family in the countryside. Dack, knowing he felt something strange which he later found out to be the Force, accidentally killed three settlers with a Force technique. His family was outlawed from Alderaan after the government found out, and he spent the rest of his life in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. His parents were killed two years after reaching Coruscant by a Dark Jedi, and Dack traced the Jedi back to Alderaan. He stole a Republic Fighter and flew to Alderaan, where the Dark Jedi had captured the ruler of Alderaan. Dack fought and killed the Sith and he was welcomed as a hero. He returned to Coruscant for more Jedi training, and eventually came to terms with his past.