View Full Version : having a problem with kotor override

eldest sith
06-11-2007, 08:03 PM
none of my mods are working for the origional kotor which is really weird... i did the same things i did for tsl because i have like 50 mods on that... i ftped the dialog.tlk that was modified onto my xbox and i ftped all of the files to my override...can you help me?

Edit: okay, i waited an entire day and still nuthin, come on...some one must know what's wrong... wadfxup?

Mod Edit: I realise you are new here but please refrain from uneccisarily 'bumping' your threads, I have combined the posts for you this time. Also, this is a forum not IM so if you do expect an answer realise that they will take some time as not everyone is here every second of the day to answer you. Lastly, unfortunately while we have an XBox forum not many of us around here have Modded XBox's so we have no idea what to tell you. -RH

06-21-2007, 05:30 PM
Not many, but a few.

Have you tried replacing the original tlk? Have you tried anything at all? You didn't mention anything other than transferring the files and having a problem. A little more info "might" be helpful.