View Full Version : GAF (Galactic Armed Forces)

06-17-2007, 08:51 AM
GAF on Intrepid has recently been weakened by a large amount of people leaving. It is a truly great Guild. I am just upset that I cannot get onto SWG and help out with recruiting in-game. So, please try to contact Ocime, Ocimo, or Ocima. For more contacts, ask Rocky-balboa, but if he mentions a cute blonde wookiee named soste, don't ask him, since I'm Soste.

About us (or them, if they kicked me out for not being there for so long):

We accept people of both factions (IMPs and REBs) and people of any profession. Please don't insult other members, or you will be kicked out.

MAJOR EDIT: Please tell them that Soste misses them please. If you cannot remember his name, just tell them the cute blonde wookiee said he misses them. Tell then if he is not back by next month, tell them to do this to him: :chop1: